Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Next Pope – Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archbishop of Naples

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe - Archbishop of Naples

The Next Pope Will Not Be Black or Non-European…

Looking at the field of contenders for next pope, I am thinking that the next pope will not be black or from the third world or non-European. 

I am also thinking that the next pope will be I-talian.

Eliminating all the Italian cardinals over seventy years of age for someone you can get ten to fifteen years of work life out of, the field gets narrower.

I am thinking that with current Vatican Corruption Scandals, the new Italian pope cannot be an insider Vatican bureaucrat.

The one contender I see who is corrupt but not too corrupt, a Vatican insider but not recently, and not within the shadow of the current shadows of that corruption, and a man who has zero John Paul II Global CIA Superstar appeal, and has worked in South America

– hasn’t that Superstar media stuff worn thin on the pope product of late? – 

and who looks like an old fashioned Italian pope on a holy card, and or an old fashioned parish priest type – back to basics?

And is bishop of a real city – Naples.


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