Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Last Pope and Cultural Christians

Lightning Strike on St. Peter's in Rome - February 11, 2013 - Date of Benedict's Resignation

I starting writing my blog almost five years ago in reaction not to Benedict XVI's visit to my city, New York City, but to the insulting to me media spin of men in collars in the media calling people like me, Cultural Catholics and or get this "Recovering Catholics" - evidence of experts talking out of their arses and pretending to know what they talk about. 

I wanted people like me to feel comfortable with a label Cultural Christian and not feel inferior to the we have a name and a label for everybody and everything crowd which is usually a negative name and or label, with the know it all scholar types like Ratzy in the Vatican.

Joe the Pope as I have lovingly named the present Roman Pontiff in more than one article of that blog had resigned. A non-traditional thing in an institution blue in the face upholding and compulsively obsessed with all things traditional and so-called sacred.

Well it just came to me as I no longer have a whipping boy in Joe that who or what am I going to write about now. Well, in all honesty my blogging has been an education. With Pharisee types parading around the Vatican in fabulous lace things like Ray Burke, it becomes evident that the parade and the show only masks the past glory and the lost present respect that the Vatican gets and deserves now that it is little more than a money launderer for every crank right wing group in existence.

In a way the St Malachy prophesy that these are the last popes in a list revised and extended once I think in the 14th century is a rare glimpse into the humanity of it all, the institution that at this point in time, the Vatican is little different than any other corporate headquarters marketing and franchising cheap chicken sandwiches to the masses.

The facade of the Vatican is just that - a facade.

Perception is everything and many more by the millions now know and recognize the deception. The church now I think is just the people of God no matter how long the museum in Rome continues to stand awaiting tourists with their tourist dollars.

Standard Vatican Fare - "Good Eats"


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