Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Ancient Fading World of my Youth

Classic Wooden Monopoly Playing Pieces 

They are changing things again in the modern world and since this is an American Diary of sorts in a global culture, here goes.

They are changing the metal playing pieces in the Monopoly Game which I think is a universal game with local settings and name places in the game, in various versions of this game in the major countries of the world where it is marketed.

I can tell that it has been at least forty years since I played monopoly. I can only remember the wooden playing pieces pictured above.

Big press releases, they are doing away with the “iron” and replacing it with a kitty cat. Wow. Big deal!

And they are stopping Saturday mail delivery on Saturdays starting August 1 to save 2 billion dollars. Wow. Big deal!

I can remember when they stopped painting the mail boxes red and blue to save half a million dollars.  Wow. Big deal!

And they phased out letter boxes, small and to the point and on almost every other street corner in America.

And Canada just stopped making pennies, something the U.S. seems to be incapable of doing. Wow. Big deal!


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