Saturday, February 16, 2013

Next Papal Election to be Rigged by Diebold Voting App on Cardinal Conclave Issued iPads – News at 11 - Beware the Ides of March

Word is that Benedict will be locked away safely in the Vatican once his resignation goes into effect.

He will not be going to the Summer Palace to sit out the election of his successor for fear that even Italy will no longer extend Lateran Treaty immunity protection anymore to an international criminal.

That the Führerbunker under the Nunnery is near completion for the government in exile of Benedict XVI. The Church is under siege from Satan - the forces of Modernism - the Church goes back underground to the catacombs when necessary. 

Government Liaison Archbishop Ganswein is ready to instruct the new puppet pope what to say and what documents to sign and how to act graciously when handed international subpoenas from European and International Courts etc.

The layer of protection between the new head of state (pope) and the man who committed the crimes could take years to break down regarding that firewall, first line of defense.

The Philadelphia Plan is now in effect – aka the “The Uncle Junior Soprano” Defense and or the Cardinal Bevilacqua Defense. 

Daily verbal practice of the defense will hopefully work its way into Ratzinger’s long term memory.
“Ich bin alt. Ich vergesse. Ich bin senil.”  Should god forbid he would ever have to take the witness stand at his trial(s).

Papal election will convene at 9:00 AM March 15th or there abouts.  After mid morning coffee breaks, Cardinal Electors will get a ten minute instruction video presentation on how to use their new iPads with Diebold Corp Election App.  

Cardinals will do a test vote to prime the program.  Real first vote may be before and after lunch.

Vote. White smoke out of the chimney  by 2:00 PM.

New Pope with his already perfectly tailored clothing appears on papal balcony by 4:00 PM.

Media sound bites, edited, and  satellited out to the planet by 6:00 PM.

News conference next day at 10:00 AM.

“New Pope likes pasta and puppies.”

Duh!  LMAO (Rolling on the floor)


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