Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Benedict XVI’s Smoke and Mirrors of Satan or What I Am about to manage to F**k up as the second and new Antipope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI - Antipope Benedict XVI

I am not being sarcastic or even cynical when I name Josef Ratzinger the new Antipope and the Second incarnation of Benedict XVI as the retired entity wants to be called from his cave in hell calling the shots in the Vatican from that basement bunker of his new palace at Vatican City.

“Pope Emeritus”. White robes. “His Holiness”. Living in the little palace in the back yard of the big palace.

What do they call those kind of living arrangements in houses – a mother daughter house?

Don’t expect any reforms in the RCC under the new pope. The old pope, the new antipope and his Tea Party cronies will be passing notes back and forth in code and by secret buff couriers to thwart the new pope’s efforts even to take a pee.

All this modern, in the last six hundred year sense Pope and Antipope stuff started when Philip IV of France

bribed Clement V 

into the Papacy with Templar Knights/Bankers gold.

On the History Entertainment Channel on cable they talk about Phillip IV doing a hostile takeover of the Templar’s European Banking Assets and torturing and killing all the bankers in order to cancel his debt to the Bank. 

The History Channel never mentions Clement V up front as an equal co-conspirator with Philip IV to take over the European Banking system. 

Sounds a bit familiar and the EU has clamped down on the Vatican Bank for the moment as a rogue outlaw banking entity in Europe and the man in ultimate charge, the pope, resigns and hides in a bunker in a foreign country without extradition treaties to avoid prosecution and imprisonment?

Clement was French and decided to stay in France and set up the so called Avignon Papacy

in France for over a hundred years. After about sixty years or so, the guys in Rome started to elect their own separate bishops of Rome or popes and started calling the French popes Antipopes.  

The Antipopes in Anignon France move out and for another decade or two you gots a few more straggler Antipopes as the Romans seemed to have won that argument on the concept that a Bishop of Rome should actually live and work in Rome. 

BTW two of the last three AntiPopes were both named Benedict XIV. Believe it or not. Smoke and or is it a dyslexic eye/mirror to see a similarity between XIV and XVI etc.? LOL

It is a strange world. And getting stranger by the moment.

Satan and the bankers have the upper hand at the moment I fear.

Papal Palace / Fortress - Avignon France


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