Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alois Bell of the Church of the Tax Dodging Jesus Outed as the Deadbeat Pastor at Applebee’s who gets her Jollies Pissing on the Help/Waitress

All you Church Ladies out there can watch the full 12 minutes of Pastor Bell’s BS (they pulled the first video and found this other one) before a night out with the other church ladies, separate checks on a table for 20 – hey waitress, why you taking so long with my bill? - who can brag about her mythical tithing in a money laundering, tax dodging Jesus enterprise in St. Louis Mo? Piss on the help. I am saved???

Zero grace to you bitch! A-(mouth full)-men brothers and sisters. Belch!

Pastor Aloise Bell's Generous Christian Tip at Applebee's


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Anonymous said...

AGREE. I hope she is ousted FAST