Monday, January 28, 2013

Christianity is Just a Franchise/Religion to Sell Your Products – I.E. Christianity/NRA, Christianity/TVangelism, Christianity/Italian Mafia/Vatican, Christianity/Healthcare INC Etc.

Supreme "Christian" Pontiffs Joe Ratzinger of Costa Nostra Italy INC and Wayne LaPierre of (my gun is my metaphoric penis) NRA

As an Areligionist and an Agnostic, I think a great many splinter groups use the “Christian” franchise label to sell their latest self help book, or autobiography on why God has chosen them etc, to sell a lot of petty empires, radiated genetically mutated poultry and or Chik-fil-A sammiches.

Channel surfing this morning I caught wind of Joyce Meyer in her Woolworth red lipstick telling a bunch of potential Mary Kay recruits that “God wants you to be prosperous” (14 Kings, Chap 8, Verse 13,?).

I also caught a glimpse of the Mannequin messiah Joel Osteen’s 100 k worth mouthful of perfect  plastic teeth preaching the mixed God/oatmeal/send me a check, modern gospel.

It was not until I saw the below article that all my thoughts gelled and made the realization/ephiphany that Christianity (copyright expired) is for the most part just part of any new “Christian/whatever” new marketing product, safe and or untested on humans or animals.

Karen Spears Zacharias on If the NRA were a Religion:

If the NRA were a religion, its members would be stockpiling toilet paper, buying up all the granola bars, and squirreling away antibiotic as they prepare for the Armageddon to end all Armageddons. 
If the NRA were a religion, their worship music would stir the congregation into a frenzy. Their songs would instill in those worshipping a sense of righteous indignation and a determination to protect their own from demons unknown. 
If the NRA were a religion, they would be a mega-church run by a charismatic beloved pastor whose congregants cling to the outrageous things he says because there’s enough fear twisted into his lies that it passes for truth. Outlandish! declare the non-believers who always leave the mega-church shaking their heads in disbelief. 
If the NRA were a religion, they would be dogmatic about their doctrine, convinced that their way is the only right way to God.


Chik-fil-A Sammich. Guaranteed to find a bit of god/idol and pickle in every bite.


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