Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bradley Manning – Person of the Year in British Press

Guardian person of the year: Voters choose Bradley Manning

 "What that kid did really focused the world on the evil that these men can do - and what evil all people can do when they feel inclined. But it also showed the courage to pull through and the will of others to not succumb to evil,"


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Dave said...

Mike..I admire the kid. Been there and done this too. Giving the military the finger while in their employ is truly a hair raising affair and not for the weak of spirit. I turned con. objector during my stint in the USAF back during Nam in the 70's. They did not look kindly on my change of heart. They were hissed and made life very difficult. I lived thru it and they finally relented and cut me loose. They beat this kid up plenty. God bless him and protect him.