Friday, June 15, 2012

30 Years of American Economic Stagnation – Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush/Obama Economy in the Toilet

"Success" you morons, its in the script. Wink, Nod.

While Obama is a short term holder of the Executive Branch, it was decided long ago that Deregulation and the Rape of the American Worker was the quickest way for a few to become robber baron billionaires.
Like the Great Soviet stagnation under a handful of incompetent leaders, America’s decline, stagnation and future disintegration is in the works.
And to quote myself from at least decade or more now:
The Soviet System merely Collapsed First!
And from Clinton signing away American Financial Security with the death of Glass-Steagall  in a special secret plea bargain with Special Republican Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, the die was cast.
In any case, it is crying over spilled milk.  Sunday’s election in Greece may finally push over the dead economic cadaver and bring about the official death certificate signing for the economic collapse of the West, Europe First, USA next. It will kind of be like watching all the debris of the Johnstown Flood, 1889, floating passed us on its way down stream.
Have a nice day.

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