Monday, November 14, 2011

Judges Dutchcot, Ciavarella, Conahan – Why are Kids in Pennsylvania so Vulnerable to Predators and Profit Pimps?

Famous PA Judges besides Judge Dutchcot – Conahan and Ciavarella – Kids in Pennsylvania seemed to be a cheap commodity to be exploited!

Child Abuse Judges Conahan & Ciavarella Indicted – RICO Act

I keep coming back to the fact that Pennsylvania seems likes a dangerous place for Kids to Live.

Is this Coach Sandusky thing a local thing, a Penn State thing, a Pennsylvania thing?

Two upstate Pennsylvania judges Ciavarella and Conahan threw hundreds of kids in jail for fun and profit in the recent past, into a for profit prison system on trumped charges like jay walking etc.

That story of corrupt judges only made the regional newspapers in Pennsylvania.  The New York Times gave it two or three pieces but it was not treated nationally – it was a non-story - because it interfered with the god of money, the god of greed, the god of profit at any and all costs, including the lives and safety of innocent children.

I hope the rumors of a national pedophile ring, operating out of Penn State, and run nationally by the Mafia is just that – a Rumor?  I do not feel that when everything in the U.S.A. seems to be for sale.  Where everybody and everything is treated like a commodity for sale or a commodity to be exploited as in kids, our children.

Reputations of “great” men and women are more important than the safety of children – as so evidenced by the Cavalier manner in which “Judge” Leslie Dutchcot treats Sandusky as a victim and a still football super star rather than a criminal predator of children.

Revealed: Judge who freed Penn State 'paedophile' Sandusky worked for his charity

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Where is our future if our children are treated so casually and are not visible, non-people to be exploited, in big business, corporations, tax free charities and the church? 


Anonymous said...

Sandusky's Charity where he met every victim is called "The Second Mile"

There is a Masonic/Order of the Eastern Star book called The Second Mile, Macoy Publishing

Most College Presidents and admin are Masons.

Masons take a blood oath to protect each other.

Pedophilia and child abuse are rampant at the higher levels of Freemasonry.

Why did former DA Ray Gricar disappear?

Were Sandusky and top Penn State officials Freemasons?

Anonymous said...

Are the Knights of Columbus Masons? Do they have female members?