Sunday, November 6, 2011

Edgardo Mortara – Pope Pius IX’s Pet Jew-ish Project

Il Casa Mortara - an Opera

Nowhere more bizarre in my studies of Constantine’s Catholic Cult Church (CCCC) is the story of Edgardo Mortara, an Italian Jew who accidentally got baptized as a baby by a superstitious Catholic servant and who got seized as Pius IX’s personal property and personal project for salvation.  

It also was a way to get close enough to a real live (former) Jew to measure and probe and plot future strategy in the declared and or implied mission statement = conquest of the world by the Vatican Monarchy.

Pius IX is the pope BTW that personally hacked off all the penises of the ancient Greek and Roman statues in the Vatican Museum with a hammer and had them replaced with fig leafs.  I haven’t yet been able to research it, but Pius IX probably was the first guy to take credit for and or the invention of fig leafs on statues along with Infallibility (I am God on Earth and will be worshipped as such) and buying millions in Vatican gold of Confederate States of America Bonds, still listed on the Vatican Bank's balance sheet as assets, to be cashed in when that Confederacy is one day resurrected etc. (long term planning)

BTW, Pius IX, the model pope to be emulated, is Blessed and soon to be a Saint. LOL (but sadly true). You would think that sane men would prefer to forget this recent unpleasantness on the history timeline by forgetting this crazy uncle in the attic pope.  But oh no. Crazy uncle Giovanni's business model and personal style lends credence (the only credence) to the ongoing campaign for the sainthood of Eugenio Pacelli - Hitler's pet pope.

Edgardo did the full Catholic Monty, denied his officially God given sexuality, endured decades of brainwashing, memorized the Council of Trent catechism, the real Catholic bible/Book of Mormon, and became a Constantine Church Priest. 

“Ricardo Mortara, his brother, visits later on to ask Edgardo to return to his father’s deathbed and recite the Kaddish thereby giving comfort to his ailing mother. He turns his back on his blood relations and refuses. Ricardo coldly reminds him that the people who surround him will remind him he is a Jew. Fast forward to 1940, when Edgardo at 89 years old is on his own deathbed having visions of his long-deceased mother. As he lies dying, Nazi soldiers burst in with papers proving his Jewish roots. Curtain.”

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Honestly, you just can’t make this insane bullshit up.

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