Friday, October 21, 2011

Catholicism - worth saving by Good Catholics?

(This is the church, this is the steeple, these are the people - of God)

If you have seen some of my other blogs, I have lent my good name as a Cultural Christian (for whatever that's worth) to the "Bishop Finn Must Go" Facebook page and its campaign to remove that pedophile protecting bishop from office in Kansas City Missouri.

Truth is that the precedent of resignation following indictment of Bishops would encourage prosecutors across this country and the planet to more actively indict these pedophile crime king pins.  

That is harsh judgemental language but somebody has to be an adult in the room.  Bishops who go into seminary at age 12 or 13 do not have normal social skills.  They can dress up in clerical garb and get promotions for being obedient servants to their superiors but there is a streak of much needed humanity missing in the very fiber of their beings.  

And this social blind spot seems to be directed more so towards women and children than men. 

This blind spot in the clergy can throw money at problems and hide behind their dysfunctional administrations but the public has started to wise up.  

Also, for a lot of good clergy, perhaps 80-85 percent of the ministers of that faith, this is a great burden to bear, the dysfunction of the hierarchy who rule in favor of power, prestige and wealth over the value of people.  People.  

People are 99% of Jesus' Message.  

It is not about the other 1%, the clergy or the buildings or the whatever. 

Pedophilia is a sin.  It is not a crime in the eyes of the present hierarchy of the RC church locally and worldwide.  If you look at the fine print and most Catholics do not - they are born for the most part into that religion - the fine print is that the RC church believes in the dignity of man but not in the dignified creature exercising his or her free will in a nasty ungodly institution called Democracy.

What Canon Law says about pedophilia, or clergy involvement in it, counts and matters more than mere flawed man made democratically based American law. 

Democracies come and go and the monarchy of the Papacy will last forever.  Whatever. When I was a child, the pope was a holy card, never seen outside Rome, and definitely not trying to be a media rock star.  

It is time for scholars wearing the virtual triple tiara to go back in time and lock themselves back up in the Vatican where they can do as little harm as possible to the church, the people of God. 

Getting back to the Good Catholics in Kansas City - St. Joe, who do not want to expose their children anymore to reckless endangerment of children by Opus Dei bishops like Robert Finn, go for it. 

Do the lawsuits. Storm the Bastille. Occupy Vatican City.

I wish the good Catholics of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese luck and other good Catholics everywhere, the Laity, in taking their parishes and dioceses back from the pedophiles and or pedophile protector-enablers, a majority of the hierarchy I fear, who now run their church.

God bless.  Have courage.  Be strong. 

The children you save may be your own. 

Your quest is about the future.  It is all about the children.



PatO said...

If Finn gets anything less than hard core jail time for

- harboring a known pedophile
- tampering with evidence in a felony case
- destroying evidence (actually, giving it to the pedophile's family)

at least the next worked to generations of potential Catholics will see how hard Catholics

- protect pedophiles
- distort the truth
- manipulate the legal system with Finn's FOUR attorneys

and the next generations of potential Catholics won't become Catholics.

Catholicism might have been worth saving, but the Catholic church doesn't practice Catholicism, and it will be gone in less than two generations.

Children today aren't as subservient as their parents and grand parents, and they will see the truth of the Catholic church, and it's horrifying.

M.McShea said...

Kids aren't stupid these days. In fact, the parents of Ratigan's child victims should be charged as accessories for letting their children any where near that pervert under the protection of Bishop Finn.