Monday, March 14, 2011

Popess Pascalina I

I ran into this little bit of unspoken history that the media never touches. She is often referred to as Piux XII's mistress in writings of people who were anti-Pius XII. I am referring to the power behind the throne of St. Peter in the form of “Madre Pacelina” (Josephina) Lehnert, a German nun, who for forty years was Eugenio Pacelli's (Pius XII) “housekeeper” and gatekeeper.

I know that you can write whatever you want in Wikipedia. It will eventually get revised if not totally true. It is a people's encyclopedia of sorts. It can also be used for propaganda.

The excerpt below make me a bit scratching my head. 

Pascalina Lehnert
To assist the pope in the many calls for his help and charity, Pascalina organized and led the Magazino, a private papal charity office which employed up to 40 helpers and continued until 1959. "It started from modest beginnings and became a gigantic charity". By Christmas 1944, housing had been provided at Castel Gandolfo, a papal residence, for 15000 refugees from the invading Nazi forces. Inside the Vatican, Mother Pascalina was in charge of housing, clothing and food for the as many Jewish refugees as the walls could hold. By the end of the war, no less than 200,000 Jews had been sheltered and fed inside the Holy City under her supervision.
I question the 200,000 Jews being fed in the Vatican figure but like I said Wikipedia is only at best a signpost of where to start further research.  Was this during the war or after it?

I have to wonder if this charity racket of Madre Pacalina's was not unlike the Foundation Eva Peron and used as a cover to launder money and issue, sell Vatican passports to war criminals after WWII. Forgive me for being so cynical.

In all likelihood the dicks at the Vatican are no doubt confusing the charity work of Madre Pascelina with that of the “Nazi Pope” Pius XII in the case for his sainthood.

In all likelihood Popess Pascalina I is the one deserving of sainthood. Whatever.

Have a nice day.

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