Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Deadbeat Donald Trump not born in America

Deadbeat Donald Trump has now moved over into the racist anti-semite column of the GOP party with his announcement of his belief that Barack Obama is not a real American citizen.

Trump who has been restructuring his mythical billion dollar fortune for thirty years still owes more than he actually in theory has. Con artist, fraud, deadbeat, and now birther.

The fool published his so-called birth cirtificate in the MSM yesterday in the hopes not of baiting Obama but in joining the money men at the GOP into conning them out of cash and PAC funds. Cashflow must be slow in the economy even for the Donald.

I have heard tales over the years about how he stiffs contractors and architects out of fees. They feared the fact of Donald ripping them off would cause negative publicity and it just wasn't worth the effort in most cases to collect their honestly earned wages.

Of course the birth certificate published is a hospital issued certificate which is invalid to prove American citizenship or get a passport or driver's license issued. Rules changed by Homeland Security after 911. The journalists who publish this tripe never bother doing any homework.

In fact Donald's handwritten document was issued by “The Jamaica Hospital”. What city in that country were you born in Donald? Kingston?

This Birther movement is of course racist because Obama's skin is black. I use the term anti-Semitic even though that term is often used against Jew haters but in fact it is a reference to language and not race. While Obama is distinctly African in origin. The names Barack and Hussein are Arabic in origin and as such are part of the semitic branch of languages.

Poor Donald, in his old age doing a dog and pony show with a cup out begging for attention and pennies from the stone age birther movement.

Have a nice day. 

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Dave said...

Saw him spewing this garbage on The View the other day..what an ignorant ass! Thought Whoopie would tear into him but even she held back? Just pathetic..he and Beck would make a great ticket.