Saturday, July 17, 2010

Womenpriests and their Movement

I am including a You Tube of the Womenpriest movement that is making the Vatican shit it panties in that the bishops want to include the ordination of women as the same sin as pedophilia (yeah right) in their basket of day old “Christian” fish for sale to an uneducated consumer public.

Comment by “Dave” on previous article stating that hatred in general for women as to their abilities and worth is no doubt a good sales point for the Vatican in primitive societies. It is still a day old basket of fish that they are selling to the third world.

This movement of women following their consciences and not stale made up rules is a sign of the Spirit of God among us.

This is Jesus. This is the original Church of Jesus before the Greeks and the Romans did a makeover to Jesus and his divine mission on earth.

God Bless Womenpriests and their movement.

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Dave said...

Open the windows and let the winds of freedom blow! More positive energy..YEAH!