Saturday, September 11, 2010

911 Again – Flawed Perfection

Remembrance is a good thing. But all this again and again 911 remembrance is a bit too much.

It has become a secular/religious orgy of death and not life. Three thousand died tragically yes. But millions more survived.

I am putting a ten year cap on all this mourning for the dead. The memorial for the dead is apparently on schedule to be opened in time for that tenth anniversary.

The new WTC is a bit bizarre, expensive and out of this world in terms of design.

It has not lived up to America’s best standards. And with people fighting a mosque center two blocks from the center of American construction Greed and awkward design – it completely baffles me.

Did the Arabs really win on 911 – NO

Has America lost it’s Christian way – I have to say YES.

War on Terror???

War on Moral Values – where are they America?

Time to stop pretending to rule the world. Time to bring all troops home.

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