Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God and Absolute Zero

It is so many degrees down to absolute zero 0-K that the universe operates on in terms of temperature. Zero Kelvin is something like -459F. At those temperatures there is little life and yet as evidence unfolds, life exists on all levels and in all dimensions of the universe.

Speaking of zero, going down to zero in life is a bit of a scary thought to me. Zero in language also communicates the absence of something. In fact, nothing.

So when going down to zero in talking about God and or religion, it is easy to eliminate religion, it is man made. But God and or the author of the universe is far from zero in any concept, scientific or mathematically. There is definitely something out there.

I am not aiming at Creative or Intelligent Design, the very terms cannot measure up to the sheer mystery of the concept of God.

It is difficult to think of God in the secular world that surrounds us. The opposite of western culture would be a theocracy and we been there, done that, and it does not work.

The human culture’s biggest task I think is to seek balance with an intelligent concept such as God, of laws, of morals, of tradition and balance them in the everyday world of living in the 24/7 world of today, of so-called reality.

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Kman said...

thinking out loud... we will never reach "absolute" zero - i.e. a zero with an infinite number of zeros behind it - precisely because it is an absoluteness only attributable to God (or concept of).