Saturday, July 3, 2010

Global Consensus and Tweet

How do you get motivated by the outside world these days?  The fools, in politics, religion, business in their ivory towers of our present civilization in decline remind me of the the children's story - the Emperor's New Clothes. The news is a bunch of presentations, wishful thinkings of the establishment accompanied by PR spin.

They want you to believe whatever it is that day. One thing I have heard in the past week that made me think had to do with the war in Afghanistan. One thought was that we could have come and gone a half dozen times in and out of the country should the Taliban return from their havens in Pakistan. Which leads to the question as to why we are still there?

Good question. I am not here to debate it. Except to say that the Taliban should be Pakistan’s problem as they can put a fence around them and watch them in Pakistan. The truth is that we want a fence around Pakistan and to watch them and their half dozen nukes that we allowed them or helped them build back in the days of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

It is all a awful lot of trouble to see who has a monopoly on the flow of energy through energy pipelines over the Asian landscape. Whether we spend an extra dime a gallon for gasoline to whoever controls the land over there would be a cheap tax to merely pick up and leave. It’s like nobody really believes in basic supply and demand economics as well as they preach it.  Besides, it is time to go Green!

Getting back to trickle down belief systems. The official party line truth with its PR spin is not what we in the streets believe. When you come right down to the tweet of the matter, the common consensus already has the skinny on Afghanistan like it has the skinny in the Vatican etc.. The people in the top of our civilization are in some sort of twilight world separated from reality.  A fool's paradise.

Reality may be manipulated at times but the tweet on the street right now is sweet in that it tells few lies about reality down here on the street.

Enough said.

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Paul Erland said...

You really think that the average person has a valid perspective on what's going on in the world? The tweets I see are as banal and self-absorbed as any celebrity's. If everyone makes his own reality, then the ones made by the rich & powerful will trump the ones made on the street.