Monday, June 28, 2010

Non-Accountability – The American Disease?

I am looking at the news and the families of American servicemen killed in Kunar in 2008 are looking for an answer from the Pentagon as to why their sons died needlessly building an indefensible base. The Pentagon has charts and answers and one mother wanted to know why there is no accountability regarding this matter.

Priests can molest children indiscriminately worldwide for decades and there still is no measurable accountability regarding these matters.

Where and when on a timeline did Non-Accountability begin to have the edge over standards, common sense and become the moral pejorative?

Is this global? Is this local? When did cause and effect disappear from the laws the physics in the human realm of things? Is this the first thing MBAs get taught in school?

I do not know except to suspect that it is a sign of the collapse of civilization. The dam has broke so to speak and we a few miles down the canyon have not yet met the wall of water rushing toward us.

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Dave said...

Cannon fodder. This is a very old story..not a new one. Man's inhumanity and stupidity continues to mount as the days go by and we continue to repeat history expecting new results..this is insanity. God bless those lost in the folly of war. Some day...