Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Franklin Graham still Hates Muslims

Big Government parasite Franklin Graham is in the News. He was been asked to pray at the National Prayer Day at the Pentagon. With a question of constitutionality of the national mandated prayers by citizens, there is a question if Graham will speak at the Pentagon.

Of course, Graham anti-Islam beliefs and rhetoric are just the thing we need to continue this new eternal cold war against Islam (good for business and pentagon pensions etc.) .

The National Prayer Day was campaigned for heavily by Billy Graham and signed into law by Harry S Truman in 1952. Nothing like the government to created a privileged meal ticket niche for Bill Graham and his cronies, not to mention his Muslim hating son Franklin.

A Christian must love all his neighbors including Muslims. Franklin Graham is some sort of tax free business man posing as a Christian. He is not a Christian by my standards or definition of such.

Group wants evangelist's Pentagon event canceled


Dan said...

When the USA or any other Country stop worshiping the true God YHWH, things go bad, When the USA was founded upon a Christian foundation this country was the most powerful in the world but unfortunately things are changing. Allah is Lucifer, that’s why, Franklin Graham said, and he’s 100% right but not politically correct, that Islam is an Evil religion, but he’s saying the truth, Islam is a conqueror, like Mohamed was, gaining power by the sword. Kick the true God out of your country and he will leave, it will be hell, if the Bible is right then the Koran is wrong and vice versa, I read both and I know beyond any doubt that the Bible is the true word of God. Islam will win some battles but will lose the war, so we Christian have nothing to worry about. It’s all under control, don’t despair.

Dave said...

Despair? About what? Franklin Graham is a poser! I wouldn't send him a dollar for what he does. Hate will NEVER get a dime out of me! He can go scratch!

Dave said...

Show me where the founding fathers invoke the name of Christ! You can't and that's a fact..JACK!