Friday, March 26, 2010

Tea Party is a Bust !

The American Mainstream Media MSM focuses cameras on mice and call them elephants.

The Tea Party is a bust!

For all the bellicosity of Rush and his forty million dollar salary, you can only get a few hundred Tea Party-ers out to a few rallies. Oh the signs and the rage are so 1840.

Radio is so 1940.

Tea is so English.

Glenn Beck is so Soupy Sales.

Technology rules the day. There is a thing called Wave Mobs – Flash Mobs. It is where you text on your cell phone or twitter and create events like a crowd at a disco in London.

Or you can have rival gangs in Philly meet up within minutes of a text to terrorize the citizens downtown or have an old fashioned rumble. Sounds like something out of the Clockwork Orange.

Mobs Are Born as Word Grows by Text Message

The future has arrived.

Considering all the brouhaha poured out in the last year over our first African American President and the fight for Health Care Reform – the Whig Party aka the GOP produced Jack Shit in the way of any assistance to frame a much needed piece of domestic legislation against the hegemony of the corporations.

The Tea Party tells people to go out and break windows. Also high tech to them, their blunderbuss has been pulled out of the attic and is being cleaned.

Can anybody in the Whigs/GOP Party or the Tea Party text or even know how to spell t-e-x-t ?

It is totally Politically Incorrect of me to say it. But the GOP and the Tea Party movement is a total total bust! They should stay at home on the couch and let progress pro-gress into the future.

Have a nice day.

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