Monday, March 1, 2010

Justice Delayed in Canada with Bishop Lahey

Boy! Do they want to forget about this loser Bishop Lahey and his computer full of kiddie porn!

It was amazing how when this story broke how the American Catholic Blogosphere treated Canada as if it was located not in North America but somewhere near Macau. I know Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are a bit off the beaten path but they did not fall off the side of the flat earth lately and land next to Hong Kong.

Oh well, the trial is set to begin April 26, 2011 – YES! – 2011. A very hot RC Catholic potato that nobody with a career or pension to protect wants to touch.

Justice delayed in Canada is justice denied.

Lahey trial delayed until 2011
OTTAWA - Bishop Raymond Lahey's trial on charges of possessing and importing child pornography has been set for the spring of 2011.

The trial will begin April 26, 2011 and run until May 6, Assistant Crown Attorney David Elhadad said in an interview.

The former bishop of Antigonish, N.S., is not expected to appear in an Ottawa court until his trial starts in more than a year's time.
(I predict here and now that the fix is in. The evidence will get conveniently lost, or corrupted while in storage, in the interim and the good name of Bishop Lahey will be restored in the halls of sweetness and light and purity at the Vatican.)

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