Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Privacy - Spirituality - Tiger - Oprah

Here goes my connect the dots sort of thing. With things in the news.

I ran into the following Christian Science Monitor article that was commenting on Tiger Wood’s brief vacation from the shadows to make a public apology of sorts for his public and private life. No specifics and no questions. Tiger is still clinging tight to his privacy. In fact probably only the extreme rich, such as someone as Tiger, can even dream of privacy in that old fashioned sense of it these days.

Beyond Buddhism, Tiger Woods has converted to another religion
It is true that we witnessed the conversion of Tiger Woods last Friday, but it was no voluntary conversion to an old religion. Rather, this was a forced conversion to the new Oprahite religion of emotional openness and making public one’s miseries and failings.
The article implies that Tiger’s short edited appearance on Friday was a conversion of sorts to the new global Oprah Sofa Religion of confessing everything in public for the sake of ratings and the new standards of 24/7 Media demands. Only after public confession in America can someone start all over again. Tiger until this point on Friday was a heretic of sorts to this new Oprah Media Religion. I invite you to read the article in its’ well thought out opinions regarding this matter.

Has Tiger now lost the spirituality of his Buddhism, his privacy of sorts, in embracing the Oprah Corporate Religion or Media Methodology even for a brief time?

Regarding Privacy in America at least, there was the filing of a federal group action law suit against contrived spying against children in the Privacy of their homes – in the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania. There it is, that Privacy thing, floating around the air.

Prosecutors, FBI join school laptop spying probe

Seems that a young man using one of the school's laptop computers at home was eating cinnamon Mike & Ikes. The secret webcam/spycam on the computer snapped a picture and the student was accused of “improper behavior” in his own home by school authorities. No doubt the perv watching children at home thought that his “reds” of the sixties and seventies were also being taken by this child. Semantics at this point whether drugs or candy were on board here.

The young man’s sister at the same school realized that she used her school computer in the bathroom to listen to music while taking a shower everyday. The thought creeped her out. She obviously still has an old fashioned sense of the obsolete concept of privacy in this new Global Big Brother Age. Word spread to other children in the school to beware. The sister has not yet been accused of “improper behavior” in her home at school yet.

The school claims, lamely, that the secret webcam was a security device to locate lost or stolen laptops. Haven’t lame brains ever heard of Lojack, global positioning locked into an automobile or laptop to locate a stolen object?

The real bottom line in all this is that these spying on children laptops probably came of one of the last Bush/Cheney budgets.

And lastly to more boring modern scientific stats. An article about how a higher percentage of young people 18 to 29, seek spirituality rather than organized religion.

Spirit Quest
She told me that she had gone from religious to nonbeliever, and then to spiritual...

Many young adults seem to be moving away from organized religion while simultaneously trying desperately to connect with their spirituality.

In fact, two recently released reports seem to buttress this observation.
My point in connecting these dots - centers around the words Privacy and Spirituality.

The corporate state, the new Corporatocracy, since it leaves humanity out of most of its bottom line equations, now directly or indirectly must dismantle privacy, an entitlement of the obsolete human factor.

Spirituality is no doubt a private thing. I have to think of the early Christians who lived in the Roman Fascist State and how only the spirituality within, in search of a divine connection to a divine spark, was something the Fascist Corportocracy of the Roman Empire could not touch or ever conquer.

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