Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fascism vs. Secularism – Joe the Pope vs. Freedom

There is quite a row going on in the British Press regarding Joe the Pope’s upcoming visit in September.

British protest Pope's swipe at U.K. equality laws

Joe the Pope, fresh from victories and a surprise blitzkrieg on Rowan Williams’ Church of England, arrogantly wants it to be known that he thinks that existing and proposed Equality laws in the United Kingdom are “against natural law”. In other words it is okay to discriminate against women and homosexuals in hiring and the use of public services.

Joe was really hitting out at British Freedoms I think, because of his church being cut out of the cash action when five “catholic” adoption agencies could no longer discriminate against gays wanting to adopt children under recent laws guaranteeing rights of all including gays to be treated equally.

These adoption agencies by the way did not close shop. They merely had to break official ties to the RC church and continue in operation. People in the UK are sensitive to the needs of its workers to keep their jobs no matter what a bigoted reactionary medieval church thinks is “natural law”. This is of course ludicrous. The Roman Empire hated all things natural. The pope’s morality based on nature is really only based on Constantine’s Army Manual of do’s and don’t in the conquest and suppression of all captives and slaves.

Getting back to the present. Britain is more European in a sense that church and state are loosely connected. It is kind of like their Monarchy – totally archaic and irrelevant but sometimes good for the tourist dollars. There are some Anglican Bishops in the upper house of their Parliament or House of Lords. The Church of England is the official faith of the country but in a secular world – that blows – in the face of reality.

There is pending legislation to lift exemptions specifically on priests and clergy from their Medieval rights to discriminate against gays and women in the workplace etc.

Which brings us back to the reactionary Anglicans, the British version of Episcopalians on this side of the Atlantic. Talk about being all F*cked up. You have these Anglican priests and bishops who can marry who do not want women to be priests and bishops. An extension of the hate thing against women goes to their homophobia against gays. So rather than be human and Jesus-like, these Anglican pricks want to take their parishes, churches and wives over to the RC church, which is waiting with buggering arms to greet them.

Joe the Pope, in typical German arrogance, is ready to enter Britain, not as a visiting head of state, but as a conquering hero – a salvation to all the women hating and gay hating Anglican clergy.

Throughout all this, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, religious head of the Church of England, has turned his cheek so to speak. He was dissed by Joe the Pope when Joe recently ordered a fast track cutting of red tape to welcome any dissenting Anglican clergy into the ranks of the RC church. In a way, I think Rowan is glad to get rid of all the “white trash clergy” so to speak, and to gladly send them over to hell so to speak.

In the meanwhile the British public and the British Press are in a stink about Joe the Pope and his entering Britain in triumph. This former German Army private who once swore an army oath to Adolph Hitler, is not really putting out the right vibes to the Brits.

There is a petition going around the Internet to forbid the government from paying for any expenses of this dissing, Freedom hating potentate. I think that by September Joe the Pope will not be able to piss on Henry VIII’s grave as planned for in the hoped for wish list papal itinerary.

I think that maybe Joe the Pope will understand what fellow catholic Newt Gingrich felt when he became the most hated man in America when he was Speaker of the House and stopped printing social security and welfare checks.

Joe the Pope by September may be the most hated man not only in Britain but also in Europe as well.

So it goes.


Dave said...

Come down off your throne and take off the dress..JOE! He is basically a neo-nazi in a drag outfit. Boy did the guys in red blow this pick..or did they? Will go down in history as one of the most divisive pope's..EVER!

Mike McShea said...

He is a bit of a stinker!