Friday, February 19, 2010

912 Soluion in Texas Airplane Suicide?

Before the dopes in the media start to analyze the recent suicide bomber flyhing into an office building in Austin Texas, let me say a few things.

A person’s suicide is evidence of distress within that individual after the fact. There are many signs that few bother to notice before the fact of death.

I am not going to mention this man’s name. I do not know it nor do I know the names of the innocent victims he decided in his agitated state to take so violently with him.

The suicide note per say is also a manifesto or rants not unlike the US Declaration of Independence against good King George.

The rhetoric of this suicide bomber is something I hear reverberated on the for profit Murdock NEWS network everyday which I do not watch (am only an occasional tourist to that carnie sideshow of humanity and “news”).

So you have a troubled man in mid life crisis, no job, a very bad economy, and a healthcare system that rations aid to the middle aged especially in the mental health aspect. (40% of a decent European style healthcare model is all the thieves and lunatics in Washington can come up with? 40% is better than nothing you damn rubes!)

The only solution has to do with the me, me, me of the Me generation and you take your queues from the insane jihadists gliding into history and into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. It is all rather fucked up like the state of the American psyche these days.

The 912 solution of violence against the government as advocated by the likes of Lonesome Rhodes Beck/Murdock and company is manifesting itself. It is not a solution. It is a symptom of a really half-assed mismanagement of government and corporations and individual lives situation.

My sound bite is now over. I turn the mike back over to the media.

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