Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Future Iran Taking Shape in Exile?

The time may be coming when the war on terror or the war on Islam or the Islamic war on the West or whatever might be coming to an end .

The son of the recently deceased and moderate Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri is talking about the replacement for the current so-called Islamic Republic in Iran in a German magazine Der Spiegel.

Late cleric's son warns of more Iran turmoil: report
"I think the future structure of our society is not so important. It could be an Islamic Republic, a secular republic, or as far as I am concerned, even a monarchy. The main thing is that people can live in freedom and in prosperity," he said. Anti-government protests have flared repeatedly since a disputed presidential election last June, throwing Iran into its most serious internal crisis in the Islamic Republic's 30-year history.

In the last week, there have been bloody confrontations, arrests and hardline demands for the strong suppression of opponents of the government.

Asked by Der Spiegel if he expected a bloodbath, Montazeri said: "I hope it won't come to that. I still hope the rulers will come to their senses and make compromises and take the path of national reconciliation. If they don't, my country will be in a much worse state in one year's time than it is today."
Reference to “even a monarchy” is a clue that crown prince Reza Pahlavi in exile may head a future secular Iranian government as a Constitutional and not absolute monarch in that mid-east mid-asian nation now bleeding under the thuggery of a tyrannical theocracy.

It may also be a reference to recognition that an American influence in the region and the world in general is the necessary social glue that makes the planet move on its political and economic axis. China and India may be emerging as economic power houses but what do they do for the good will of the world in general like the U.S.? That and anybody besides the thugs in power in Iran would be a great improvement.

Nostalgia for the peaceful, prosperous, non-religious (secular) reign of the Shah of Iran? Indeed.

With moderate Islamic nations of Moracco, Egypt and Jordan, a moderate Islamic Iran would, could balance a great deal of extremism in that part of the world. A stable Iraq/Iran would mean that the United States could draw down our spent troops. Who knows, maybe even the Taliban would accept moderation and negotiation toward the new global order of things.

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