Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 Failed CEO Awards

2010 Failed CEO Awards

And the envelope please. (Drumroll!)

And they R:

Richard Williamson
John Mack
Lloyd Blankfein
Pat Robertson
Jamie Dimon
Vikram Pandit
Ken Lewis
Ben Bernanke
Joseph Ratzinger
Osama Bin Laden

I am reminded of several things in the news lately and things that somehow reflect our perception of things past, present and the future. Perceptions I might add real and or imagined.

Bishop Williamson is still skulking around somewhere talking to some neighborhood French newspaper about how only two or three Jews at most were killed by the Nazis – that there was no Holocaust.

The filmmaker Oliver Stone famous for some conspiracy and paranoid bents of American history recently said something to the effect that Hitler was a scapegoat for the western Bankers who put him into power and made big bucks off his lunatic war machine. He has a ten part documentary coming up on Cable TV soon.

I once read how New York Bankers used to go through Switzerland under Swiss Visas to Berlin on a regular basis to check on their American clients’ assets in German banks all during WWII. Property talks!

Joseph Ratzinger, aka Joe the Pope, wants to make WWII pope Pius XII a saint. He may have been pious and holy, but as a CEO in a modern world, not a word against the bankers, I mean the Nazi war machine. Joe gained votes/points on the Bishop Williamson deal, a deal with the devil – a “true story”.

Speaking of guilt and blame perhaps being too piled up on Pius XII as a scapegoat for the Brits and Americans and their failure to act – their ability to act. I was looking at some photos the other day and looking at an aerial photo of a Nazi concentration camp. Since they were never bombed, they knew they were there and who was in them – did they also know the last part of the equation/puzzle and analyze the need for so many smoking chimneys without factories?

Good question. I may have not framed it, the question, right but I do not think that the question has been asked very often or gotten anything more that a quick PR/PC answer.

Pat Robertson loves his darkie jokes and darkie stories especially ones that fit into children’s fable books about the devil and Voodoo. Somehow reality to him as a failed CEO is to keep holding on to power until his 51 year old son can be able to take over the family business – grow into it so to speak.

Osama Bin Laden, if he is still alive, takes four weeks to produce and send an audio, no video, tape claiming credit for the failed Christmas Day Detroit attempted airline bombing. Out of touch, out of mind – failed CEO written all over it.

The rest of these characters listed are bankers or financiers or the so-called Head of the FED, or whatever the cardboard sign in the window of their building is listing their ponzi business as these days. They helped destroy the global financial system which may not recover for another decade or two. They make big daily bets against Humanity – and until now – unchallenged – are winning those bets sad to say. (can we get an aerial shot on this for the archives?)

These noted failed CEOs are giving out candy, bonuses, to their crony employees with funds more or less borrowed (printed) from the U.S. Treasury. The courtiers at Versailles kissing Louis XVI’s perfumed butt never got such good bonuses for being the king’s cronies. The illusion, the delusion of those who think they are in power unfortunately lasts right up until a big blade falls.

Honorable mention to Tim Geithner - right hand man to THE MAN Obama - and in a league with failed CEO types and who has a really really big man crush on Ben Bernanke.

All listed above are out of touch and with the exception of Osama, wearing very expensive threads. They are all backward looking Medievalists so to speak.

The future is in the collective blindspot of their collective vision. In short – Failed CEOs.


Dave said...

Add Bernie Madoff to the list..King of the Ponzi scheme! A veritable pile of dirt bags and greed mongers. Someday..the bill will come due.

Dave said...

Geitner was a bad pick and the president needs to jettison him in the near future..it/he smells bad at this point and perception is everything.

Dave said...

Wall Street is legal gambling and for the president to think he can rein in those loonies is too much to hope for..like herding cats..or worse! Enforce the rules we have and buyer BEWARE!