Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Save Me Now - Earth - Jeff Lynne

There is some sort of UN sponsored climate change conference thingy going on in Copenhagen Denmark Dec. 7 through Dec. 18.

One has to wonder if it will be too little too late. That is negative. But it also may be true - before Earth, as we have known it, is Gone and out of reach to our progeny.

One has to wonder if God is out to lunch on climate change or merely hiding from the crazy bastards and their screwed up "dominion" over the earth and every living thing on it.

In the mean time words and music by Jeff Lynne from one of his better post ELO albums - Armchair Theatre.


Anonymous said...

Jeff is up there with Elvis, Lennon, Orbison.

When he's cooking with his music, he is like active on three different cosmic levels!

Dave said...

....and he saw that it was good. Not perfect..GOOD! Let us ponder that Genesis verse a bit. Intelligent design is everywhere you could all this be an accident? Are we creation? Bigger question. The views from space are incredibly gorgeous. Man is responsible for the health of the planet..we have abused our home and for what? Progress? Time to throttle back a bit and look hard at what we really want our life to be.

Mike McShea said...

I think it is all in some other way of looking at things. Like Jeff Lynne's music it is perhaps an energy thing. To say we are alone is to truly look darkly into a mirror. To not see the All behind the person but who can only still see him or herself, alone, is a corrupt reflection of self within the greater scheme (not design) of things.

Dave said...

By..are we alone..I'm asking if there are other civilizations out there in space that we know nothing about? Why should we be the only ones? The unanswered historical questions that baffle science give credence to the belief that we are not alone..or entire civilizations have been here and disappeared from the face of the earth.

Mike McShea said...

Statisically, a mathematics thing,a science thing says yes. Billions past present and future. Distance is the enemy I think. I would like to think some could come and visit. Would they be nice or consume us? Another question. A fundamenalist thing is a closed box thing. I lonely kind of thing. Whatever.

There is a thing in the Babel of Tower story and something in Islam that God make us all different and or distant from one another for a reason. That over time we would grow into the role to accept each other here and perhaps out there as well.

Mike McShea said...

That's Tower of Babel for all you still awake out there. Good night.