Friday, December 11, 2009

Playing God in Washington - - - or the Killing Fields of Uganda

There is an awful lot of ego in Washington D.C. but there does not seem to be a lot of soul.

Pathetic corporate Parasites like Joe Lieberman flourish in their own fertilizer factory patch of earth.

I have waited on this. I sometimes jump into the current MSM political malaise and add my comments. I write this blog for some regulars and the occasional reader who wanders in out of nowhere and usually goes back out there too and comes back again sometimes.

To comment on Huffington Post with a thousand other commentators is more like Black Friday everyday than once a year. I have to give it to Arianna. I remember when she started with books about mismanaged politics and greed. Now she is a force to be reckoned with in determining opinion within the left side of the political aisle.

The right side of the aisle as I have recently commented elsewhere is going along with the party of kooks that are in something like a Las Vegas crap shoot. All or nothing. They are hoping to win by default and not by merit. They in all likelihood have plans to do a massive raid on the treasury one day as spoils in a Gordon Gekko mindset and victory.

But of all the deeply rich offensive to me losers in the Senate and the House are the Fundamentalists members of the Doug Coe kristian fascist Family tax set up and or “Church”.

As I have stated previously in this blog, if you can set the perimeters of any argument, you have a home team advantage so to speak of winning in any argument. In other words if you are there first with a definition of God as in Constantine’s sanctioned tax abated definition of God then you and your cronies have the home team advantage in any philosophical theological theoretical arguments about such.

This is not about religion. Or is it? You tell me. This is I think about how a fascist organization masking itself in the name of the real Jesus has gone into a broken war torn nation like Uganda to lay down a new Christian definition of evil in terms of the Victorian label of homosexuality. The Victorians were good at naming things, very scientific, Darwinian, German.

I guess the politicians in Oklahoma are aware with its long history of violence and abuse on all levels and have a unique form of Christian fundamentalism – Christian mentalism? Well anyway, Tulsa is like Mecca. The Fundies have the oil money there. The sheep in Oklahoma have generational nightmares going back to Andrew Jackson’s genocidal “trail of tears” for native Americans. They are followed by violence on the frontiers on the periphery of Bleeding Kansas, the Civil War, Land grabs, Land Rushes, refugees from the defeated Confederacy and of course you have the oil, the big money thing mixed in.

In a way if a corporate lawyer named Lincoln had not fused the Union into a one and undividable unit, Oklahoma today would be in many ways a lot like Uganda, full of war, poverty and ignorance. It is like Senator Inhofe sees the need to preach the unique form of Oklahoma Jebus to the dark ignorant masses in the Oklahoma sister state of Uganda.

History being what it is – a possible learning book to learn from past human successes and past failures, I have to wonder if Doug Coe or Jim Inhofe understand the consequences of their hardball covert political actions in Uganda. Nixon bombed Cambodia to get the North Vietnamese hiding in the Cambodian border. Cambodia got destabilized. It got taken over by a bunch of religious fanatics, Communists ( Communism is considered a religion by the Vatican).

The resulting Killing Fields of Cambodia happened when foreigners came in to set a western goal on an Asian country. Of the estimated two to three million dead from those Cambodian killing fields, the Khmer Rouge, the communist religion party in charge only executed about two to three hundred thousand people. The other odd million or two or three died of starvation and disease in a country destabilized by a sure as dandy winning Pentagon war plan approved by the emperor-god Nixon.

What makes any of these Fundamentalist Lunatics not see that killing Gays would only be the start of new Killing Fields in Uganda. Once such a heinous bill is on the books any and all of your political enemies can be labeled as Gay and then legally murdered. The Doug Coe, Jim Inhofe plans for world domination are all fucked up like their queer version of “religion”.

When you go into foreign places and start small things, plant seeds, those seeds might also become extremely destructive instead of being a good thing.

Senator James Inhofe seems to have made Uganda a second home on the taxpayer’s dime and is rumored that he has largely been responsible for the “Kill the Gays” bill sponsored in the Uganda Parliament by a Coe Family Member under the atrophied rule of Museveni. That bill has now been watered down because of public opinion in this country catching up with those starting, experimenting, fulfilling a non-christian hate of homosexuals in a distant experimental African country.

My advice to Jim Inhofe – shit or get off the pot!

Be a full time senator to the people of Oklahoma. Or be a full time minister in the Doug Coe religion army. No man can serve two masters.

Don’t play God. The world is getting smaller and smaller all the time. Dress up acting and God playing are so childish and potentially disastrous and not to mention downright EVIL.

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Dave said...

Why am I not surprised that C Streeters are behind this. Just another part of the New World Order? MSNBC and especially the Rachael Maddow show is all over this horrific story as they had Sharlet on to speak about the connecting lines on this gay killing initiative. And in the name of God..they spread this filth! Beware..many will come in my name.