Sunday, December 6, 2009

Karzai – “to fight” Corruption – asks Patience

After eight years of blowing away any chance of a victory in our Imperial War in Afghanistan (West Vietnam?), the President (by extreme default) Hamid Karzai, finally pledges to fight Corruption and urges Patience. Good Luck Johnny Karzai!

Good Luck G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane as well!

Karzai says to fight corruption, urges patience
"Afghanistan welcomes this new strategy, and Afghanistan will do all it can to be a good partner in it," Karzai told CNN, according to a transcript released by the network.

Karzai said the Afghans would try their best to take over security of the country within the U.S. timetable.

"But the international community must have also the patience with us and the realization of the realities in Afghanistan. If it takes longer, then they must be with us," he said…

"By the end of five years term of -- of the current government, we plan to lead operations for the security of the Afghan people in all of Afghanistan, in the whole country. That is our objective," he said.
Wow! Fighting corruption as a new strategy. That's one for the history books along side "let them eat cake".

Thank you President Diem Thieu Ky Karzai for those encouraging words of comfort.


Dave said...

Obama continues with the Bush Doctrine..why? We learned nothing from history and what happened to the Russians. Time to exit not escalate. Burn the poppy fields as we leave and offer everyone the chance to leave with us and start a new life in resettlement. If they chose to is on them what will transpire when the Taliban regain total control. Do whatever we have get the innocent out of there. This is a stone age country and we don't see it. Bin Laden is in Pakistan not here. Karzai a puppet on a string just like Saddam was. We can't police the world anymore. Those days are gone. This money is better spent on humanitarian goals. Butter..not guns.

Mike McShea said...

Do they think we are all stupid? This is the same bullshit and logic as in Vietnam - I have heard it before - The United States has never lost a war. Yeah right. Short memory. Get a new fucking script - please!@

Margarine - not guns!

Anonymous said...

Since WWII..we are 1-1-2 in armed conflicts on foreign soil. An Iraq win, a loss in Vietnam and ties in Korea and Afghanistan. That won't get you into the playoffs! Call Desert Storm a tie also. 9/11 impetus was lost years ago by Bush when we had might and right on our side. We really blew it and now it's just corporate wars. Iran may still become a war front but diplomacy may yet win the day there..we can hope. I thought Obama had this figured out but he is now part of the problem..not a solution.

Mike McShea said...
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