Monday, November 9, 2009

Would you let this woman babysit your children?

The nut jobs over on the Republican extreme right had an “emergency house call” last Thursday organized or initiated by U.S. Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota (R).

The four thousand strong “news” event by spontaneously bused in teabaggers showed a huge (couldn't miss it John Boehner) protest banner with a large picture of dead bodies from Dachau Concentration Camp (no picture offered here) with some negative Health Care slogan written above these once again desecrated dead. The muttled indecent message matched the point of the “rally” co-sponsored by some health care lobby.

The idea that any message no matter how extreme is okay in the defense of White Power Liberty is unacceptable in a civilized society. The extreme of the image actually met the pernicious standards of the tea bag wing of the GOP and reached a new low in what to expect in terms of humanity from Bachmann and company now and into the future.

One has to wonder that if the GOP gains control in the House next year, that Michelle Bachmann will be rewarded with power in the GOP hierarchy for these toxic attacks on the American Ideal of fairness or decency. Would you let this woman babysit your children?

Dachau was part of the human tragedy and not some glib Madison Avenue marketing tool.

Speaking of past events in Germany, today is the twentieth anniversary of the breaking down of the Berlin Wall and the symbolic end of the cold war.

Americans made a lot of sacrifices during the cold war. One of those sacrifices was not pushing the envelope in terms of a national health care system which all the major countries of Europe now have. What was our reward for sacrifice? More fear and another cold war against “terrorism” and Health Care ?

It is an unsafe and nasty enough world without the likes of Michelle Bachmann and the fear mongering wing of the GOP reminding us that Halloween tricks will distributed to us everyday of the year if the GOP or the hard core haters of that party regain power.

Neo-McCarthyites, zombie McCarthyites, Dachau inspired McCarthyites need not apply to the sorely needed to be rebuilt middle of the road GOP.

“War ( and Hatred ) are not healthy for children and other living things.”


Dave said...

Whose worse..this babe or Palin? What were they thinking when they voted for this lunatic? Using pictures of the Holocaust is a SIN! The far right has no moral compass and they are downright scary. They make McCarthy look like a boy scout. God protect us from Michael Steele and his fanatics.

Dave said...

Sadly the recent R victories in Va. and NJ has emboldened these idiots into thinking they can grab Congress back next cycle. I hope they are wrong and the voters see thru this facade.