Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Ripley Paradigm on Abortion

The next time I get into a “discussion” with retreaded Trekkie convention junkies, still living at home, Defenders of the Unborn Human Fetus TYPES, I will ask them to consider the following.

Did Ellen Ripley in the Movie Alien 3 have the right to refuse penetration and hosting services to the “Alien” creature?

Alien 3

I don’t want to show any anti-E.T.ism here, flaming PC liberal I sometimes claim to be. So for the sake of further argument or discussion I will give the creature a name - Bentley, a good two gender sounding thing in case the thing goes and or functions both ways.

Refusing to be F---ed is one thing for a host, uppity little thing that Ripley is. If impregnated one has to go to term with the creature’s baby – right?

They had some scientific party at the Vatican recently. Over cocktail wienies and martinis, “scientists” discussed the possibility of intelligent life in the universe away from earth. Of course intelligent life here would indicate the possibility of proof  needed by these guys as scientists. It is easier to theorize life elsewhere sometimes by these guys.  I am sure they were only guys, it is the Vatican.

Enough with cocktail parties.

Life is life and it must be protected at all costs and even I would presume at the expense of your own species. “Survival of the Fittest” has been the convenient anti-human tone of Darwin’s new science and way of looking at things for some to spout in justification of crimes against humanity.

Life is life. In short from a papist point of view, the suicide of Ripley in Alien 3 to both kill her self and her unborn fetus – which is the worse sin? – suicide or abortion?

Ripley is a woman and is not justified in her trying to think or act for herself in the matter of in this case, some kinky alien sexual situations with Bentley. Once f---ed, stay f---ed. Good theology. Right?

Anyway. Which came first. The chicken or Mr. Spock’s ears?


dave said...

Brilliant piece Mike. One of you best.

Peter said...

I don't know if my previous post went through, so a re-post. The fact that evidently I haven't immersed myself enough in American high culture to have ever seen Alien 3 makes it difficult to respond. Philistine that I am. In plain English, what is your point?

It seems like the above is a typical diversionary tactic used by those who would rather talk about some bizzare hypothetical rather than the uncomfortable reality at hand. That another unique human person's blood is spilt in what should be the safest place in the universe, it's own mother's womb, is that reality.

The internet is so impersonal, so to make it a little more personal-- I am a young father 3 boys with another baby on the way. I am obviously a Catholic, neither "conservative" nor "progressive". I am opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afganistan, and wish we would get the hell out of there. I am concerned with the poor and weak who are so often abused in our society (oftentimes immigrants, illegal or otherwise). I am jaded by the capitalistic greed I see all around, which is as oppressive as many forms of socialism that the right constantly whines about. I am concerned with the weakest among us, those with very little voice --the unborn, the immigrant (illegal or otherwise), the disabled, the elderly, the poor ... I was a Chemical Engineering major and currently a practicing physician. I enjoy Scotch, beer, smoking a good pipe, backpacking in the winter, and praying with the Holy Mother of God. If bet if you hung out with me, we would actually get along quite well.

I guess I have posted here because of the comments on abortion on demand, as well as the often over the top criticism of the Catholic Church, not all of which is unwarrented I grant. But, by only weakly claiming my own personal subjective experience, I will say that Catholicism can be a very beautiful thing, the thing that has made me human and humane again, for I wasn't always a Catholic.

I will cease to pester you any more Mr. McShea. I will say a prayer for you, and if you could do the same for this poor sinner that would be a great gift.



Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Peter you sound lke a very nice person with high moral values and a compassionate heart. I too love Catholicism and practice it devoutly but I straddle the fence on abortion. I believe in certain circumstances an early term abortion should be left up to the woman and her God. Mike has valid points just expressed differently. We writers sometimes are like that. Please visit my blog sometimes. I share a deep bond with the blessed mother. Peace be with you.

Mike McShea said...

Thank you Debra. You express yourself much better than me. Glad I haven't scared you away yet.