Sunday, November 29, 2009

the beginning of a new human race

I invite you to see the video, reading along with the words and consider becoming charter members of something bigger than any one or all of us – to see the world differently, to act accordingly and in a truly human fashion – full of Compassion.

That in decades to come – these words, this belief, could become the foundation of –

the beginnings of a new human race.

(thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven)

Charter for Compassion


Dave said...

Thanks for posting this organizations info Mike. Without an interfaith dialogue..we are doomed. To assume that one religon has the answer to all eternal questions is assinine. This past sunday after church our confirmation class and some parents,the pastor,youth co-ordinator and myself listened to a Turkish Muslim person/college student explain Islam to us and answer our questions. It was an eye opening experience that all Jews and Christians should do. We have more in common than I would have ever imagined. There is still a divide and the best way to explain it is that they..the Muslims are adherents first and world/country citizens second. We seem to be Americans first who happen to be Christians. I admire their dedication to prayer especially as who among us would pray 5 times a day..everyday..for a lifetime? There is a lot to learn from our monotheistic friends.

Dave said...

Can secular society/culture accept a religious culture that isn't American borne and breed as our brand of Christianity is? Has 9/11 forever branded Islam as an evil empire? The far right fundamentalists have to be silenced and removed from power or it will never come to pass that we can live in peace with the rest of the world. We need culture peace..not a culture war.

Mike McShea said...

The fundamentalists have a rightful place here in America. However, culture war is based on fear and uncertainty. Culture peace is based on a full economy where jobs creat security and community peace. Some elements of fundamentalist philosophy hijacked - in the post Nixon 70's and Reagan 80's - the better side of Jesus' nature in favor of the home grown Ayn Rand selfishness, greed and godless humanless capitalism. Get a full people based local economy going again and the country and the world will be a better place for all.

Dave said...

Silence was probably the wrong about marginalize? That way they can still spew their rhetoric as Americans..but no one will pay them any heed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for posting! I added it to my blogspot blog today!!!

Mike McShea said...

Thanks for the thought Sylvia. Raindrops form trickles. Trickles make streams. Streams make rivers. Rivers turn into oceans. A better global future can happen by the ripple effect of energy and compassion we send out here today from the future’s past.