Wednesday, October 14, 2009

World Peace Prize to Vladimir Putin

I used to say that the Soviet Union would be the first economy to collapse. Well the other shoe dropped about a year ago in the west and a patchwork of cosmetic economic Band-Aids is still holding the west together at this moment. There is still a lot of work to do to stabilize the west's economy and indirectly keep world peace intact.

There was an outcry and a pulling of hair and a gnashing of teeth in the United States by the far right last week when the Nobel Committee named Barack Obama as this year’s recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Any Peace would seem to be in conflict with certain parties within the United States.

The Nobel Committee noted that the peace award was not so much for solid accomplishments but for setting a new tone and establishing a new touchstone by which the United States deals with the rest of the world on the world stage.

Resetting or rebooting the American’s empire and its outlook is only one part of a very large quilt work of nations and ideologies that contribute to real world peace in all corners of the globe and in their own way in terms of their own self interests.

All the other big nations and economies, Europe, China and Russia make contributions to world peace just by not starting war or by not actively on a full scale arming for war. War though, I fear, is in the Human Genes. It would seem that fewer and smaller the conflicts settled by arms is for the better and a realistic approach to the reality of human nature.

The backbone of the Eurasian Continent geographically speaking from Oslo to Vladivostok would seem to be Russia. Eurasia is one third approximately of the land surface of the planet. Russia’s interests and potential spheres of influence make up a big chuck of the planet’s surface.

Russia with it hundreds of native ethnic cultures is perhaps more diverse than Los Angeles.

Anything in terms of world peace happens not just in the American mindset but also in the mindset of Europe, China and Russia as well. The Europeans and Chinese seem more geared to domestic economic activity while the bones of the old Soviet Empire are still there and still capable of waging massive warfare.

Anything meaningful that happens in terms of Iran and its “Peaceful” nuclear program would seem to fall within the local interests of its big next door neighbor of Russia on the Caspian. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent trip to Moscow would seem to suggest there is interest and a push toward stabilizing a loose political situation in the regions south of Russia.

That situation in the Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan entanglement of politics, nuclear power and war would suggest a desperate need for peace filled resources. This to replace the ancient ideas of land, war and ideologies too diverse to find at present common points of hoped for respect and understanding amongst themselves and with the rest of the humanity.

North Korea with its dangerous nuclear toys poses a threat in two ways. If it continues to exist as a rogue nation, it is a threat to Japan. If it ever unifies with South Korea, a united Korea is a whole new ball of wax if you mix the economics of the south with the militarism of the north. In either case Korea, though it touches China, is also within the sphere of Russia’s far eastern border and interests.

The bottom line on North Korea I think is in peaceful regime change and the purchase of nuclear weapons by the UN for the price of a ton of food for every starved North Korean citizen. The price is cheap. The devil is in the bargaining to get to that desired purchase price and desired peace situation.

While I give points to Obama for style, and points to Secretary of State Clinton for the miles she will be running in track shoes to accomplish a true Pax Americana, it will still be the empire of Russia that can benefit and add to any lasting world peace formula in the decades to come.

Right now, Russia is in a transitory stage from the massively failed management –mismanagement - of the Soviet system with their controlled economy theories. The infrastructure of Russia is still in many ways an infrastructure for war. The shell or the skeleton of the Soviet Empire could very well be reshaped into a new revived military demon to once again be added to the world stage.

Perhaps in the transfiguring of present day Russia from old Czarist/Soviet building blocks will come a new nation that sees more profit in peace than in war or in feigned cold war. Peace as building blocks in the sphere of Russian influence are part of any foundation of world peace.

The man at present who stands behind the throne of Russian power is Vladimir Putin. In terms of building or rebuilding with a long term plan for any nation, you need one strong man or a dynasty of men or party mission statements rigidly adhered to and fulfilled.

For better or worse, the key to present world peace and world stability, is not only in an upcoming shining speech in Oslo but in the grungy, gritty day to day nation building/rebuilding under the present hand of Vladimir Putin.

I somehow feel or hope that Putin’s long term reign as President, Prime Minister and probably again as President is an important building block or foundation for all humanity under the umbrella of the concept of world peace.

As such, and for what it is worth, I award this first annual Cultural Christian - World Peace Prize to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of Russia for contributing to stability in his country and the peaceful potential for reshaping stability in regions touching that nation.

We hope that this Peace Prize encourages Putin and his government to do more and continue to contribute to regional and world peace for all humankind.


Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Well thought out and well written commentary. I like the prize!

Anonymous said...

Great sarcasm.