Thursday, October 15, 2009

King Midas Touch - Rush Limbaugh

I am the last person who I ever thought would defend Rush Limbaugh’s rights. But he got dropped from his bid to buy a football team no doubt because of past loose random rhetoric for which he is so famous.

Limbaugh dropped from group seeking to buy Rams

I knew that minority players on the football team would never walk to make a point. They have contracts and mortgages too etc.

One thing I will say about Limbaugh and the Republican Right and let me add that the milquetoast Democrats should be aware of this as well.

There is such a thing as a limit in Capitalism. There is the golden touch and there is such a thing as being too successful.

Once you get that Midas Touch, beware! Beware of all the things you touch and what you think you want. What you want may not be out of reach, but considering the true weight of gold, that thing you want may be too heavy a thing to carry around with you.

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