Saturday, October 10, 2009

Catholic Supreme Court

It is perhaps not PC to mention that six of the nine Supreme Court justices are Roman Catholics. Two are Jewish and one is listed as Protestant.

While this does not necessarily say anything, it has the potential of saying very much in that in the various knowns and unknowns of picking a Supreme Court Justice, that one thing hardly ever mentioned is their individual religious beliefs. This don’t ask, don’t tell, not mentioned by the MSM says something about the age of secular beliefs in America in that they would not seem to be important.

If the Prez were stupid enough to nominate an atheist or agnostic, then the firestorm in the negative right punditocracy would start on cue.

I say this in that one of the main building blocks of the fascist right for decades has been to build a rightist court that would overturn Roe vs. Wade. That dream is perhaps on hold and I do not think that all the Supreme Court members, the Catholics at least, take their marching orders from Rome.

One recent example of the RC church is not pulling the strings on the SC is the following article about how the SC has refused to hear an appeal to keep priest abuse records sealed in Connecticut, from retired NYC Cardinal Egan’s old bailiwick. He did such a good job in Connecticut that they promoted him to Cardinal of the Big Apple. Oh boy!

Supreme Court won't block release of sex abuse papers

My guess is that if the Supreme Court did hear this case and did block the release of sex abuse records of the RC church, then the focus would then shift onto the religious makeup on the Court.

That the MSM could not hide or ignore the reality of our Catholic Supreme Court.

I do sometimes sound sarcastic or prejudiced but some things do seem - or are obvious.

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