Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sam Harris - Non-Belief - Bill Maher

Here is something a little different if not original. A Non-Believer who prefers not to use the word atheist. Sam Harris is the author of two books that address his beliefs which I have not read. He was not raised in any particular family faith and God was never talked about in his house as a child.

Harris addresses many things but what I find fascinating is his approach in a calm way to talk about his beliefs. He states in the video ‘that "atheism" is not a worldview or a philosophy, but the "destruction of bad ideas." ‘ (WikiP.).

He is not the bedraggled, sawtoothed Madalyn Murray O’Hair athiest stereotype that mothers used to scare their children with.

His approach to the idea of non-belief sounds balanced. Many other atheists seem to me to be anti-religion for the sake of being anti-religion and many try to make it a separate viable philosophy and or new religion.

His other statement in the video below talks about how at the core of most religions there is a “transformative” element but that centuries old “religious mumble jumble” and or “bullshit” hides that basic root of many faiths. That it is “taboo” to question the useless, irrelevant multi-layers of religious dogma added to the base root of faith. That inability to question elements of religious insanity is a factor in our present age where fundamentalism is potentially a major destructive force to the people and survival of the planet.

He is talking perhaps at the other end of a spectrum from me in terms of my wanting a minimalism in my religious beliefs in pursuit of a greater path to spirituality.

A sane voice, even one of a non-believer, towards a more tolerant understanding world is welcome in the discussion of the human condition that touches upon basic aspects of faith.


Dave said...

Why did he go on Maher's show? Maher is a jerk as far as I'm concerned and rarely funny but it appeals to the masses. I'm not impressed with what he has to say but neither does it inflame or cause harm. I give it a C- for content and very little illumination. He needs a better forum than a comedy show to talk seriously of spiritual/non-spiritual matters. Oprah?

Mike McShea said...

I don't agree on Maher's approach to so-called atheism - he's out to make a buck. He does however give voice to some people who the MSM choose to ignore. Have not read Harris' book and am not likely to. I thought it best to give a window to other points of view and Harris is not your typical angry screaming maniac type of atheist.