Monday, August 10, 2009

Finally - Moral Warriors - Health Care Reform!

Finally, some Moral Warriors to take on health care reform issues and the Clowns in the Health Care for Profit Industry.

Religious left wades into healthcare fight
Liberal religious groups announced on Monday they are teaming up with President Barack Obama in a national campaign to counter the surprisingly vehement conservative opposition to his plan for overhaul of the U.S. healthcare industry this year.

Organized by liberal-leaning evangelicals, some mainline Protestant clergy, and some Catholic groups, it will include Obama participating in a call-in program with religious leaders streamed on the Internet on August 19, prayer meetings and nationwide television ads.

"As a pastor I believe access to healthcare is a profoundly moral issue," Rev. Stevie Wakes of Olivet Institutional Baptist in Kansas City, said in a news teleconference announcing the "40 days for Health Reform" campaign.

Let’s see if the moral voice of the sixties can be raised in conjunction with the Obama team on health care reform. There is nothing like a good show and I know now that the clowns who run the Health Care Industry in this country are going to get a run for their hugh profits at the expense of patients’ money!

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