Monday, August 3, 2009

"C" Street - Vatican - Wall Street

What do “C” Street, the Vatican, and Wall Street have in common?

They represent macro examples of the tangible corruption of our morality in this global secular society.

By corruption of morality I mean the lack of it. I have to wonder which of these three was the first working model but you can probably guess.

While many are writing about the wussie warriors of “C” Street – God’s anointed and not accountable to man for idolatry, adultery or rape, they are not the stuff of the King David they model themselves after. King David had to give King Saul 100 foreskins in good faith to get this first wife, one’s of Saul’s daughters. No doubt foreskins taken off your dead enemies’ private parts were currency in that ancient era. If you extrapolate and even if you are a minimalist, historically speaking, that means that King David in all likelihood killed a thousand warriors in his lifetime. That is a lot of blood, sweat, particularly blood in the creation of a three thousand year reality/concept called Israel.

“C” Street crowd are good on the sweat part taking a secretary to lunch and a quickie but where is like the blood and the foreskins and like the first temple of God oh great frat house dicks on “C” Street ?

I had to wonder over the years when I looked at the Jerry Falwell phenomenon of the fundamentalist movement. I said to myself they want the power of medieval popes over the American people. They want to be big brother, big government and a big stick all in one, tax free and above reproach – this in a supposed democratic setting.

Of course the pope would like to have powers of a medieval pope. When you can tell a whole continent, Africa, not to use condoms to prevent HIV you are not a moral leader but a fool! But given what I have seen of the Bishop of Rome, where on any given Sunday more tourists than natives seek out a church service in that diocese, the moral authority of the local bishop is as powerful as the apathy of the locals to ancient tired pagan rituals and beliefs.

The only thing that keeps the pope in front of the world stage is the big museum church and the MSM – (main stream media) – the Papacy like the bishop of Scranton is nothing more than PR releases – no touchy feeling with the public, just a PR statement and the illusion of past glory.

Bernie Madoff should be pardoned! He had the chutzpah to pull off the biggest ponzie scheme in American history that we know of. If his sons and associates split up his 150 year sentence all the more better – a touch of morality (very little) and the myth of justice.

The SEC could not tell a Ponzie scheme even if it stood up and stared it right in the face – for decades – all the king’s horses and all the king’s men – not worth jack shit.

The Congress is not going to investigate “C” Street. No moral warriors or true icons of morality left in either house to tackle such a job.

And the MSM gets its free lunch, free PR handouts from the myth of the Vatican and myth of real wealth creation on Wall Street. We have to live with the results – the fallout. “Caveat emptor” – let the buyer beware.

The people who should be in jail on Wall Street are still walking around looking for green college kids without an odious ethics class on the transcript, all the better. All the better to sell air to the public instead of real American things out of real factories, peopled by real workers and a real feel for reality, not virtualosity, and a possible real contributor to the global moral future for the human race.

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