Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"In Doug Coe We Trust" - ???

A lot of things I want to comment on. I do not believe in the big conspiracy theories. I do believe that JFK was killed as a result of private money financing several covert operatives, one two or three of which pulled their trigger on November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas. That being said I do not believe that 911 was an inside job, though like the JFK thing, some retired government employees may have sold knowledge to the enemy. Free agents, traitors, lobbyists – whatever. It still was a mess to clean up. The one thing I have noticed, having worked for a brief time for the Federal government is that it takes intelligence to do the conspiracy thing. Most Government employees could not survive in private sector jobs given their entitled attitude and their listening to Rush Limbaugh on their iPods while at their desks and pretending to work etc. Pay Rush a forty million dollar a year pension to retire and you will get at least a 40 billion dollar rise in government productivity overnight.

Over the weekend I noticed a dead file weekend story about atheists wanting to prevent the carving of “In God we Trust” in stone at the US Capitol visitors center. The visitor’s center is $400 million dollars over budget and four or five years behind schedule. Having worked for a construction company I understand how changes in a skyscraper from one purpose to another and by different divisions of a company – costs and reality get thrown to the wayside especially if you can write off the costs as a business expense. The three things that have brought my cloth coated America to its knees in recent decades has been big government, big corporations and big religion - the new "three estates" of the modern age. Where are people like you or me in that equation? No conspiracies there - just convenient and profitable intercourse and commerce. Where are people like me, a fool, a taxpayer, in this Ménage à trois thing?

Getting back to the new church vestibule of the $600 million dollar Capitol visitors center, I am willing to bet that the cost overruns had to do with building bunkers under the visitor’s centers for members of Congress in case of another 911 type attack. A necessary evil if that is the case.

Other than that I went back and forth with these two similar McClatchy news paper articles. The second one is from late 2008 about members of congress, some of the “C” Street Persuasion wanting or insisting that “In God We Trust” is the national motto and not “E Pluribus Unum” that I remember being taught in grade school civics class. I don’t know what they call civics class these days but I am willing to bet the “Civics” book weighs eleven pounds and costs $100 from the publisher. I got a better education from used text books, paperback civics texts and verbally from a teacher who was worth her shit in teaching than the whole modern fraud of education as a for profit business and not as a minimum cost community enterprise.

Atheists sue to keep 'In God We Trust' off Capitol Visitor Center

I do not agree with the Atheist argument that “In God We Trust” should be taken off the dollar bill or that the Pledge of Allegiance should drop the phrase “under God”. I believe that all that is grandfathered into the fabric of our past. I have to say that I cannot see spending another $150,000 to carve “In God We Trust” in stone in what would look like a government endorsement of theism and or religion.

But because the “C” Street Persuasion wants the phrase, I know in my heart of hearts it is not in reverence to the God that I believe in but in the god that they believe in – which represents greed, power and moral corruption for the elite. The Elite is in many cases represented by white racist coded words that represent denial of the loss of the Civil War and the loss of a way of life that crumbled with civil rights. These South Carolinians in particular and their confederate flag on the state house are the ones that dissed John McCain in 2000 and paved the way for their inbred white elite political messiah George W. Bush.

Conservative lawmakers bring God to Capitol Visitor Center

What is it like to live in a world of code words? Code Words for life, Code Words for God and or Jesus? Conspiracy? Part of the reason for the decline in attendance in church in the USA these past decades is the fact that Church now is a code word for political auxiliaries that many times reinforce denial about the basics such as life, liberty, privacy, sexuality in our modern world.

I know what “In God We Trust” is code for - for some so adamant to get their secular political quasi religious cult to make letters in stone in the US Capitol Building. Is it code for “In Doug Coe We Trust” which is probably already painted in gold in one of the private bunkers below ground reserved exclusively for this coven of white men pretending to be Christian?

God (the real One) protect us from all tax free religious fanatics and secular cultural PC lunatics!

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Anonymous said...

I would never have believed it. The far right conspiracy is actually hiding behind Hillary's skirts in the press on this current outing of the Coe "family".