Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catholics in Exile - Unite!

Catholics in Exile of the World - Unite! You have nothing to lose except many closets full of gosh red dresses!

It is remarkable how in our very dense but very blurred bubble of modern day reality, how a mix of words, rearranged, can bring into sharp focus – a new reality.

This blog started out over a year ago, as a reaction to the derogatory term, “cafeteria Catholic” that the Bishop of Rome or his PR people dropped around on a visit to the “Big Apple” of NYC.

Until that time, I had just sat in the background audience and heard these terms of slander against the children of God by the Guys in dresses from the Vatican.

As it turns out, I am not the only one on this planet who has a problem with the “Guys in Dresses at the Vatican”. There are literally millions, tens of millions of us who want the Roman Catholic church to temporary land its fantasy zeppelin, sit up - get off its fat egos, and touch and communicate with the people of earth and in terms of the First and greatest Shepherd of Humanity – Jesus of Nazareth.

I steal the title “Catholic in Exile” from of all things a profile comment on You Tube.

There is a whole world of people in search of the expressing themselves outside the Totalitarian modeled and controlled worldwide MSM.

God, this new Internet technology is so freaking great!

From “DASHMUND” on You Tube:
I am a pilgrim, a searcher for truth and reality amidst the crap of society and the church. I am a member of a cyber community called Catholica which is made up of many like-minded pilgrims; searching, intelligent, compassionate even prophetic if I dare say it. Take a visit: Just type in catholica in a search engine - it's usually the first to come up.

I now describe my self as a Catholic in exile and will remain so until I sense that I have been responded to with justice and compassion and openness in regards to the occurrence and effects of abuse on myself and so many others. I do not want to be associated with the more extreme anti-Catholic 'hate' sites which are doing little to promote moving ahead out of the dark and are so often based on erroneous thinking but I do acknowledge here that the anger of the makers of these sites may well be based on severe trauma which may well have been incurred by someone in the church. As such, their cries also need to be heard somehow but not laced with a desire to hate or for revenge alone.

I still love my church and want it to become a force for good as it has been in so many ways in the past. The Catholic church is rapidly retreating into a siege mentality and it needs to seriously re-examine itself in order to become relevant and their founder's message of love and hope, believable and powerful again.
Again, this is not a hate message but a statement on behalf of the 86% of Catholics who have left the Catholic Church or who are so disillusioned with the way things are going. The church is in dire need for an overhaul and needs to start listening to ALL its people, not just the few neo-conservatives and temple police who want to return to the ways of old in search of security and certainty and blind obedience.

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Dave said...

Thanks Mike. I feel a little better now and sometimes it helps to vent and start again. The video is one of the best yet.