Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford - That Jimmy Swaggert Moment

My karma in life, if there is such a thing, is to not to judge others too hastily. God knows I am not perfect and that by creative (?) design. The variable at work in our evolution to perhaps keep improving the model line generation to generation is I think part of the grand plan of things.

With twelve years of black and white catholic education under my belt, it is difficult for me sometimes to break away from the mold and not be judgmental. Look at this fool Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina who has to go all the way to Argentina to schtupp a piece of ass on the side of his ( at this point ?) marriage.

I believe in karma within your own lifetime. What goes around comes around. Sanford was one of the choir of Pubs calling for Clinton to resign when he got caught in his marriage infidelity with a White House intern back when in the late nineties.

Had it not been for his , Sanford’s, holier than thou, family value attitude toward Clinton back when, I might feel for this fool right now.

The tears and please have pity on me show displayed at a poorly run news conference yesterday I think were staged to give time for the Governor to backtrack on whose credit card (his or the State of S.C.) paid for an expensive last minute excursion to his love shack in Buenos Aires. And if the ticket was booked way in advance for a discount, all the more proof of another lie. But don’t go there.

I am reminded of the TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggert who got caught with a prostitute way back when and I remember his crocodile tears about sinning but it was more about being caught than sinning. Anyway, that slag heap is still in the tax free God business these days but on a lower tier than he occupied in his prime.

Good, bad or indifferent I am not going to ask Sanford to resign. He should not for his lust but for his Republican Idol rhetoric about free markets and balanced budgets etc. There are a awful lot of South Carolinians out of work and in need of Unemployment Benefits that he, the Governor in his Republican Idol rhetoric, would keep from getting those federally funded extra benefits to survive. Mark Sanford’s privileged view of himself and his ruling white class bubble world is something separate and not equal with the dirty unwashed masses.

There I did it. I judged him at some level. Not very Christian of me. But then, I try to follow the ten commandments like the one about adultery. For me the ten commandments are a real living breathing thing and a challenge at times to uphold. For people like Sanford and Swaggert the Ten Commandments should be carved in stone and collect dust as decoration in some statehouse hallway.

Enough said.

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