Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simple but Pure - St. Mary's in Exile Brisbane

Some follow up notes on previous entries about ahead of the curve Catholic priest Peter Kennedy in Brisbane Father Peter Kennedy – Heretic or Saint? and Saint Marys in Exile Birsbane.

They kicked Father Peter Kennedy out of St. Mary’s in Brisbane on schedule last month. The Pope’s German inspired mandate of “Klein aber Fein” - "Small but Pure" as mentioned by fellow priest at St. Mary’s, Father Terry Fitzpatrick, seems appropriate here. This small but pure vision seems to be the condition and model for downsizing the RC church into oblivion. Every other business on the planet has a boutique unique atmosphere for some consumers. Why not Rome?

I rather think that Father Peter Kennedy and his small band of believers are the seeds of a New Universal Catholic Church, more concerned with social issues and community than storing up gold and weapons for General Constantine’s next military adventure. It’s a warring mindset thing in how you approach and use the message of Jesus. The rebirth of a truer Christianity is down the road perhaps - without any corporate headquarters in Rome.

Many details in the Transcript of Holier than Thou, an Australian TV documentary covering some of the aspects of this tossing a Catholic Priest and in actuality the Parish too out on it’s ass in Brisbane Australia. All this in the possible interest of making the faith “purer”. The transcipt is worth a read. A great many finer points about this situation are mentioned in the transcript than have been reported in the mainstream media (MSM). Here is a documentary, source of the transcript, from Australian Television:

Holier Than Thou

In the words of Father Kennedy from the transcript near the end of script:
The most important thing about the Christian gospel is to try to stand in solidarity with those who are excluded, now we've been excluded. Because as a community we've stood with the excluded and the homeless and the broken, we are now homeless and excluded and broken. Maybe we're on the right track, because this is exactly what happened to Jesus. It's the Jesus story. But it's happened to a community…

My spirituality has always been a rather contemplative spirituality because ultimately life is all mysterious. Like, why not just stay with the question and don’t try to even answer it. This amazing mystery of life - that you and I actually exist.
Also an interesting You Tube interview with Father Kennedy by noted Australian atheist Cameron Reilly prior to Father Peter’s last official mass at St. Mary’s - before the people of God took the Parish into exile – St. Mary’s in Exile Brisbane - simple but pure.

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