Thursday, May 14, 2009

Catholic Sharia Hissy Fit Over BHO at NDU

I like the secular laws of the United States. This witch hunt on the Catholic Blogosphere to trash President Obama and to punish the Administration of Notre Dame University sends shivers of fear up my spine. This Blogosphere Catholic Sharia hissy fit is sponsored directly by the Bishops of Rome close to seventy of them in the U.S. and indirectly by the cadaver Neo-Con wing of the GOP.

More than being a hissy fit, it is a blatant attempt to impose injustice and strange medieval laws back onto the books of America, pre-U.S. Constitution, a la Salem Massachusetts 1692 and good for hanging your neighbors, the people you do not like or agree with, as witches - in the name of GOD!. No Freaking Way! This is 2009, not 1509.

A perfect Teabag Party for Christ!

And interesting article by Robert Schrum:

Sharia politics at Notre Dame
Notre Dame’s decision to confer an honorary degree on President Obama has engendered resistance from a counter-reformation blessed by prominent members of the Catholic hierarchy. The fight against Obama is being advanced by a band of neo-Catholics who adhere to the radical notion that sectarian doctrine must be written into public policy. The former Archbishop of St. Louis, Raymond Burke, whose excoriation of John Kerry in 2004 was rewarded with a high Vatican post, has denounced the invitation to Obama as a “scandal.”

if Obama disagrees with Catholic doctrine, he must be condemned and silenced—even if he’s not a member of the church. This assertion of an almost limitless role for the church in public life comes perilously close to reviving a 19th-century pope’s position that “Americanism,” which values individualism and separation of church and state, is heresy

As someone who was raised a Catholic and is the product of 16 years of Catholic education, including Georgetown University, I am appalled to witness the rise of a neo-Catholicism at odds with American democracy and diversity. In particular, the Catholic hierarchy’s moral condemnation of gay Americans who seek the right of marriage comes with ill grace from the same people who for decades abetted and covered up for morally heinous predator priests…

I think Obama will be largely welcomed at Notre Dame. And I suspect that he will be reelected in 2012 with strong Catholic support. As Catholics themselves reject the hierarchy’s partisan directives, this Church—and any other—would be wise to avoid attempting to impose a version of sharia politics in the U.S.

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