Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal Palin 2012

When an Army General has too much time on his hands, in other words he is not managing like 80% of the CEOs worldwide and in America, then he has time to sit around and chew the fat, and consider a run for Prez in 2012.  It is not like the American public knows the difference between a pig in a poke and a real general anymore!!!

Sarah Palin/Ketchup - Rand Paul/Mustard - and miracles

When you have a tea party you usually serve petite sandwiches already seasoned with butter etc.

A-mericans and tea partys are not the norm and they are more into barbecue.

As such I have made a mental note to discount anything Sarah Palin or her evil little twin brother Rand Paul says. Discounting cucumber sandwiches with moose burgers sounds about right. And the only logical condiment for moose burger is Ketchup or Mustard.

Am making a mental tweet to myself that Sarah is Ketchup and Rand is Mustard. It just makes any ludicrous thing they say to get attention a little easier to get down.

Sarah’s tweet on Sunday was world class and typical of her proposed management techniques if elected president.

Gulf disaster needs divine intervention as man's efforts have been futile. Gulf lawmakers designate today Day of Prayer for solution/miracle
Did a miracle happen and I missed it on Sunday???

Man-made disasters belong in the realm of mankind to resolve. Sarah isn’t even president and she is already blaming God for not coming through with a miracle to cover her lack of basic management skills. The best is yet to come with that twit and her tea party brother twat.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Half-assed Shahzad finally decides what he is???

I absolutely hate half-assed human beings who can build a half-assed bomb to kill hundreds of strangers in Times Square, spill his guts without even being “water boarded” and then get religion to justify and cover up the fucked actions of his short life.

Islam as a pale copy of Judeo Christianity – Monotheism Lite – and occupies a unique place in history. If you have a problem in Pakistan, you blame the Americans, kill the Americans and then don’t understand why Americans don’t give a shit about a secular/religion that doesn’t work on many levels that applauds violence exported to America.

The Dysfunctionality of Islam and exporting it abroad has its parallel in the Christian Crusades into the so-called Holy Land hundreds of years ago.

Times Square car bomb suspect pleads guilty in NYC

Calling himself a "Muslim soldier," a defiant Pakistan-born U.S. citizen pleaded guilty Monday to carrying out the failed Times Square car bombing, saying his attack was the answer to "the U.S. terrorizing ... Muslim people."

Wearing a white skull cap, Faisal Shahzad entered the plea in U.S. District Court in Manhattan just days after a federal grand jury indicted him on 10 terrorism and weapons counts, some of which carried mandatory life prison sentences. He pleaded guilty to them all…

"It's a war. I am part of the answer to the U.S. terrorizing the Muslim nations and the Muslim people" he said. "On behalf of that, I'm revenging the attack. Living in the United States, Americans only care about their people but they don't care about the people elsewhere in the world when they die."
I suspect he will be handed over in some hostage exchange in the near future. I suspect the Federal Government and the Oligarch Corporations running America into the ground are that weak now in world history. Look at it. Obama, Tony Hayward in charge and Half-Assed Muslim soldiers like Faisal Shahzad, we are all in danger of collateral damage of all their half-assed efforts these days.

Watch your back!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

John Linton – Universalist Friend - Obituary

”John Linton did not believe that any single religion had a monopoly on truth.”

John Linton

For my friend John Linton, who has died aged 99, India – and especially Mahatma Gandhi – was a major influence. In 1978, convinced that no one religion has a monopoly of truth, and inspired by his experience in India of meetings in which Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians worshipped together in Quaker silence, he founded the Quaker Universalist Group.
I thought I would pass this along. It would seem that the Guardian Obit is the only one printed for this man. Other obits are copies or excerpts of that one obituary.

Not much detail. Devil in the detail you know. I saw it and sent it to a friend into Universalism. I knew of Quakerism and I knew of Universalism. I did not know that the chocolate got mixed with the peanut butter so to speak in the form of John Linton.

The creation of one more tangent religion merits little or no news these days. The most profound religion of the last four hundred years, Quakerism/Friends, saw the need in the form of John Linton to merge into the Universal religion of the future. A belief, one that truly includes if not dogma, the spirit of man, in the spirit of the moment and sharing in silence the spirit of the Universe with out and with in.

Rest in peace John Linton.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

People of the Book - Jews, Christians, Muslims

“People of the Book” is a Muslim term to describe Judaism and Christianity and it is in reference to the OLD and NEW testaments.

In truth Muslims are also People of the Book which is the Koran, Quran or whatever flavor of the month English spelling it has lately.

The term came about in a time when Islam was still a verbal religion and before it had to be written down shortly after the death of Mohammed for fear that oral tradition would break down or disappear.

In this sense the People of the Book – Jews, Christians, Muslims share a possibly confusing term that is obsolete once you look at the facts.

Looking at the decline of Christianity in the west, I see the lack of reinforcement of the words and practices of the Book dying out. With the closing of my Catholic High in Philly, it is funny how they think that without grade schools, high schools, nuns, and a real, not a virtual, sense of community that it as a faith can survive. Faith cannot survive solely on the words, ink, of a bible or catechism that is hoped will one day to be revived during some decade in the future.

Christianity or parts of it are dead. Dead like the language Latin. The definition of a dead language is not that the original users are dead. The definition of death in a language occurs when no new words or meanings are rendered to the language. The language is no longer living or evolving in a positive direction.

In a sense you cannot mix apples with oranges in any accounting of things. If language is an apple then the written ink version of language transposed onto paper is an orange.

While the language is alive, the oral and written words are fruit. Once a culture dies, nothing in the translation of a dried up orange will ever give you the flavor of an apple.

The Nag Hammadi Gospels are only translations of words. The dynamics, energy of the original spoken word is lost in any present translation.

Peoples of the Book, Jews, Christians, Muslims may look at the dynamics or the number of new churches or mosques that get built at any time or in any place. Without a sense of community and a flow of growth in the belief system, People of the Book are just not alive. They are lost - without true community, true brotherhood and a shared hope of a better future for all the People of the Book.

It is not a matter to inspect the strength of the branches of the tree of life. It is the overall health of the tree of life that determines the health of the branches.

The global culture, the global reality puts a unique and as yet undefined essence into all religious faiths. That essence is how does it continue to be a living belief system of a system also recorded in a book - without being possibly dead like Latin at the same time.

God and other imaginary thoughts

Many believers in the Deity take on non-believers in debates that range in all sorts of the “intelligent” design arguments that goes something like – who do you think created all this?

Nature created all this I fear. And invention of toilet paper and flush toilets are not the ultimate intelligent proof of “God”.

Interesting thing about this whole “God” thing is how the Deists and the Theists have let a concept out there for three centuries in which God is distant (deism) or God is up front and in your face (theism). The universe or more accurately man’s perception of the universe is much more intense and diverse that it was three hundred years ago.

If the distant God of Deism of three hundred years ago was sitting on some obscure star in some church mural, he is now by default very much more close in the abundance of scientific knowledge pushing him in closer amidst all the other info in the scientific portfolio.

God if valid is no longer able to be distant in the modern world.

So too, God in your face and Theistic is a bit too much when you give God credit for all that “charmin”.

Which leaves me in the argument with anybody who wants me to believe in their personal god, I have to say that the concept of an unseen entity in our midst is plausible if only in our imagination. Which brings me to something quite silly. But let’s face it, somethings of our childhood linger on and one such thing is imagination.

Writing about English artist and poet William Blake a little while back made me realize how the simple, the imaginative, the creative, the real gets dragged and or beaten out of us in the phase and change from childhood to adulthood. Oh, the pity of it.

In any case, in any argument about the existence of a mono-theistic deity gets shrouded in my thought process because of my silent, good listening, childhood imaginary friend. What was his name? Oh yeah. I called him God.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

arizona – Zonies out of Control!

Arizona is a right to work state. That means that you are not allowed to form a union to get livings wages. So, in truth, Arizona is a right to have no unions state that has nothing to do with workers or their (yuck!) rights.

After a searing immigration bill and a ethnic cleansing no ethnic history taught law, now the good rock hard white people of Arizona want to take citizenship away from the children born on American soil but who happen to also be the children of illegals.

This get all the hatred off your Deseret Constitution mindset is one born of frustration regarding the broken borders that the national government and the Versailles federal government has let slip for decades out of its control. No national energy policy, no immigration reform, no full reregulation of the banks sets the background noise as the people of Arizona attempt to make poor hateful laws to express both their frustrations, prejudices and their seeming lack of compassion to the rest of humanity outside "The Zone".

I lived and worked in the poor state of Arizona which seems to worship Conestoga wagon wheels more so than people not native to the harsh and bitter desert landscape. Something about bitter desert landscape and an eye for an eye that seems to go together like apple pie and ice cream but only out west in a mirage.

As a church eleder, I was witness to a Mexican couple who dropped their kid here on this side of the border and I saw them get a section 8 five bedroom house for the anchor baby and all its many brothers and sisters already in existence (and previously illegal). When I met these people they were simple, honest and hard working. After they got their Cadillac treatment from the welfare system, they lost more than just their souls in the process. Beware of winning the lottery.

The law proposed by Arizona is definitely unconstitional. Arizona is engaged in election years politicking to engage the masses and give bread and circus instead of good sound government. Jan Brewer will sell her soul to actually get elected to the office Governor instead of being the default Governor that inherited the job when the previous Governor went to Washington.

Glad I don’t live in Arizona anymore. The “Zonies” are out of control I think.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Avatar vs. Limited Visions of Warlords

Warlords reshape people, territory, wealth, and loyalties according to their vision of a more perfect world – more perfect because the warlord thinks himself  to have more total control which is a dillusion.

I finally got to see the movie Avatar and was bored. All the hype and it was just a blue tinted rerun of hundreds of cowboy and Indian movies I have seen all my life.

All the fearful rhetoric from the church about “pantheism” and the worship of nature was overstated. While nature is worth restudying and in some ways reconnecting to in this plastic present world, it will never return us to the awe and importance it had in the hearts of our ancestors.

Putting the movie aside, I jotted a few notes while watching it.
Can you imagine a new world that nature created in the form of Pandora?

A new exotic uncorrupted world. North America with its virgin forests back. Cut down a forest. Plant a farm. New plants, new foods, new insights.

Goddess. It must be something fearful in that name. Mention of a goddess brings fear into hearts of the man-made religion of the Roman Army. Lack of a penis is potential for a heart.

Eywa. Network of energy. Thought provoking for a brain dead humanity numbed by hundreds of channels of cable TV, cell phones, Blackberries, Ipads etc. etc. etc.

Borrowed energy. You have to give it back. Perhaps the church knows that it has borrowed energy from all the faithful through the ages and are at present not using that energy wisely. The contract, or covenant made with God is on shaky ground. In the past the faith ran itself and a few princes got fat on the results of hard work by those of the faith. Now the princes are all fat and corrupt and there seems to be more princes than faithful.

The movie Avatar’s script is simple, contrite, predicable – cliché. Cameron knows how to bake a good puff pastry.

It is not so much mono-god – one god, so much as it is one Warlord or mono-warlord (corporation) and his demand that you believe in his personal god (and quarterly statement).

A hostile place can also be a place of beauty. A sacred tree scares the shit of the church. It thought that it had burned all the forests down centuries ago in terms of the Celtic belief in such things centered around nature and trees.

Civilizations rise and fall. So too for blue people on distant planets. Better to die in battle than live a thousand generations trapped in the dream of the Warlord’s personal vision.

Better to have a vision of your own…
I suppose in the overall scheme of things, and on a timeline, mono-warlordism has been a way to unite tribes under one title or one faith. As the world shrinks I can only see conflict as the unique visions of the warlords Moses, Constantine and Mohammed try to gel together.

Better to be a frog on a lily pad than want to help various Mono-Theistic faiths find fictional common ground.

In the spirit of Avatar, this Unitarian type believer sees the simple faith of the Native Americans, and their forgotten culture as a good and simple belief system. It is right to thank animals that we eat, for their sacrifice. It is right to stay in balance and not take more than we need. And in the end a happy Hunting Ground to go to when we die.

Not much of a faith, but it is my vision that counts and not that of any unholy warlords whose ghosts still haunt our global culture.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cordoba House - NYC - Mosque - Columbia College

Recalling memory of perhaps forty years past, I have to say one of the best basic cookbooks of all times on basic American cooking is the Settlement Cook Book. It’s recipes are derived from a cultural secular phenomenon called Settlement Houses that existed in the heyday of mass immigration into American culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Reading the various things being put out there, I go back to the concept of Cordoba House as a community center. I am reminded of the settlement movement, a secular movement in the 19th century both in England and the United States.

Having done some research on Islam, the Mosque as the center of a community is more secular a building than the west would treat a church as sacred. A church might have a community center but rarely do you see children in churches doing homework or reading, memorizing the bible.

The Mosque as community center and as planned in Cordoba House sounds more like an old-fashioned settlement house where someone like Eleanor Roosevelt did her Christian charity and taught some classes to the poor in a secular settlement house in the slums of NYC.

As the name suggests, in the American model, a settlement house that taught English, civics, hygiene, cooking and provided a gymnasium in the midst of crowded tenements, it, as a community center was also like an assimilation center for immigrants to ease into the American culture.

Cordoba house, especially for a fundamentalist or a Sufi specialty branch of study is perhaps a settlement house of sorts. The difference is that Islam is the center of community, secular like, structure?

Settlement houses went out of existence with the social safety net of government established and expanded over the decades. I have often thought that as in the case of influx of Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, that an old-fashioned concept of a settlement house teaching English and American customs might be an old idea that would ease some tensions between the existing culture and the influx of a foreign culture(s).

There is now some credible evidence surfacing that the Proposed so-called World Trade Center mosque, Cordoba House will sit on approximately forty percent of the original land that was under the original Columbia College Building, now Columbia University, when it started in colonial times on what is now the street called Park Place in downtown Manhattan.

Columbia College Building 1857

Cordoba House being proposed on this historic American spot is perhaps a good marriage of the old native culture blending into the new secular global cultural still forming.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

James Martin S.J. and The Colbert Report on Spirituality

CNN, which can’t get much ratings lately because it reads the news it prints on the Internet and the novelty of that has worn off, is trying something different in an articles about the so – called new SBNR (spiritual but not religious) movement taking shape globally and independent of any organized religion groups.

Like any news group aimed at a mainstream ratings approach, they start by quoting head up his ass Jesuit James Martin S.J.(society of Jesus) about all this personal blending of what fits personally and spiritually as “egotism”. Martin’s only claim to fame are a few books, talking on catholic radio and making a few appearances on Stephen Colbert’s faux news program.

But the article like the whole of spirituality and religiosity is not about him (thank God).

Are there dangers in being 'spiritual but not religious'?
"God and the devil were walking down a path one day when God spotted something sparkling by the side of the path. He picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand.

"Ah, Truth," he said.

"Here, give it to me," the devil said. "I'll organize it."
The above quote is from a Huffington Post blogger, BJ Gallagher, the Huffington Post for Christ’s sake, and wants to label this new movement of personal spirituality as “Burger King Spirituality” (have it your way). Everyone wants a piece of the action and to get credit for naming a movement with clichés they had nothing to do with including that of their own spirituality or lack of it.

I started this blog as the result of the insult of Joe the Pope’s visit to New York City in 2008 and his spin doctors throwing out their favorite insults to the masses such as “Cultural Catholic” or “Cafeteria Catholic”. Of course then, 2008, the Vatican and their PR spin doctors were still in control of the Pedophiles hidden under the Carpet deal.

What have you or your church done lately Joe to hug the average Christian???  Hugs are important to humanity believe it or not.  Jesus never mentioned hugs or did he?

Many people, of all recognizable faiths past, are searching and gleaning other faiths and beliefs, and picking the best things and merging them together in individual personal belief systems under the umbrealla concept of Spiritual and not Religious. Isn’t life and freedom and the new age dawning great!

Fundamentalists will wear the ink off the pages of the bible, their idol, rather than look up and live their lives in accordance with simple principles set out by Jesus. This hemming and hawing and wanting every period and comma to mean something puts too much nothing out of nothing into the world.

Father Martin ends in the last paragraph quoting with one word about how all the deep, sincere, prolonged search for spirituality is worthless and just basic “Laziness”. Only meal ticket religion and vested perks interest the Father Martins of this world and the hard work to get and horde those perks minus the human factor I fear.

When Catholic clerics waste eight years in the seminary worshiping their idol of the Catechism as a substitute for real living, real mistakes and real redemption, they miss the point and miss the boat in most critical junctions of life thereafter and into the hereafter.

Somewhere in the pea soup of Christianity is a cloudiness that defies present explanation and few should try to label it for the sake of a daily blog headline.

The future of spiritual man will reveal itself in time and purpose along the global timeline.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hate and Prejudice in Prescott Arizona

Mural creates quite a stir in Prescott after artist is asked to lighten faces
PRESCOTT, AZ - Recent changes made to the colorful mural on the front of Miller Valley Elementary school have some in this town like Barbara Braswell turning every shade of angry.

"Do you see? Do you see where they tried to lighten that guy's face up there?," she asked her children.

"I think it's absolutely unbelievable. I think it's teaching our kids that racism is alright," Susan Griffin agreed.

Two months in the making, the mural depicts children escaping a crowded cityscape into more natural surroundings, but some in the city have taken exception to the colors in the mural.

Some have called for the colors of the children's skin to be changed. School board officials approached the artist, R.E. Wall, demanding they be lightened.
Hate is a strong word. Prejudice is real in Arizona and it not as simple and black and white. The so-called brown people which I feel is insulting to use but the term has not yet been banned to the wrong side of PC yet. For the native Mexican Americans in Arizona, many have been there many more generations than any recent white visitor or residents.

These brown people are the subject of discrimination and are under attack for merely being who they are, the children of God – perhaps not the one true white god – but legitimate children never the less.

I can remember listening to a co-worker well over a decade ago about how her son was an ace soccer player and how he got discouraged from participating in the all white soccer team at an exclusive Catholic high school in Tucson. I say exclusive in the money sense and not any class sense. White trash with money got more respect from the religious males and females that administered veiled hate and prejudice there like a lot of other institutions, parts and geographies around the country.

Prescott was one of many territorial capitals of Arizona. Barry Goldwater would announce every campaign for Senate and the Presidency on the steps of the old state capital building. It is north and high in the mountains and somewhat on the way to Flagstaff.

When talking racism in Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson are big cities and relatively cosmopolitan compared to Prescott which is part of the original Mormon territory of Deseret which I think they still plan to annex and secede with one day, no doubt in their dreams.

I guess that the recent anti-immigrant legislation let demons fly out of Pandora’s or I should say Robert E. Lee’s box. This recent sponsored by the lunatic cracker default governor Brewer legislation gives people the desire to keep the front door pure in that public display of white people only in murals reflecting the unrealistic bubble world of the tea baggers and their toxic Tea Party.

It is okay. I am glad that the liberal east coast media is outraged by this blatant racism in the fictional state of Deseret or one of its counties called Arizona.

The front door in the Global reality can be as pure as you want it to be. The true reality is that the Internet, DVDs, communications technologies are making the true world of the very near future a reality – and through the back door so to speak of our culture.

While the rednecks of Arizona are little different than the rednecks of Afghanistan or Pakistan, the new global reality is taking shape and it is about people first and foremost and the color of people have no color anymore in any common globalists’ eyes.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jihad - Nazi - Anti-Semitic -- Banned Hate Words

It is time to remove little bits, words, of auxiliary verbal HATE from our language. To Ban then!

I am writing this off the cuff. I removed the Jihad from my earlier article about Cordoba House / Mosque in lower Manhattan.

There is a great FOX NEWS monitored or sponsored visual rally against the mosque this coming Sunday, a so-called Christian day of rest.

I have seen what amounts to hate literature regarding the building of this porposed mosque.

JIHAD is a Muslim Hate Word.

NAZI is an antichrist or derived from Western Christian culture Hate Word – hate word when used to describe anybody other than Nazis in the Press, Radio, or TV.

Anti-Semitic is used to throw at any non-Jew or real Jews (Self Hating supposedly) who disagree with the Military Junta that runs Israel.

ANTI-SEMITIC is the most abused phrase in the English language in it double usage – it’s original meaning and now its permanent political “shut up” meaning. Used to silence the protestors against the Military Junta running Israel and its despicable and inhumane foreign polity – it is used as a HATE WORD the majority of the time these sad days in human history.

These three hate words related to the three monotheistic religions must be banned for a few decades in order to move forward to a civilized global future of all the human race.

Amen. Amen. I say to you. Roadblocks to World Peace and roadblocks to genuine communications amongst the brothers and sisters of humanity will no longer be tolerated.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sarah "spite fence" Palin - not a good neighbor

There is a local urban legend in Philly about the wall surrounding the infamous Girard College founded 1833. The boarding school, grades 1-12, originally for white male orphans has a twenty foot wall around it. The Civil Rights laws over time opened the school to all races and sexes.

If one looks at the wall and somebody says that the wall is twenty  feet high, it is one of those barroom bet things like a phrase in the bible and “Did Delilah cut Samson’s hair”? (She did not by the way. She had someone cut it for her.)

It’s a sucker bet if you take it. While only 10 feet of wall is visible above ground, another 10 feet is built underground. Why? The last will and testament of Stephen Girard, a rich French Pirate, stated that the wall around his orphan asylum was to be 20 feet high.

Architecture and good taste and a little bit of slack from the estate lawyers came up with the final 10 feet above and 10 feet below aesthetic solution.

So Sarah and Todd went mooseshit on Facebook about Joe McGinniss, their new next door neighbor, a famous and successful writer who goes to the heart of political matters as in The Selling of the President 1968, a best seller and now standard political science tome in most college courses to this day.

Apeshit happens. But before good taste or a level sober (do the Palins drink?-a lot?) attitude could set in about a new Neighbor, the Palins go gorrillashit over the situation. The Palins have extended their wooden fence facing the rental property up to 14 feet high.

Not that Joe is the real problem, the Palins were, are bad neighbors with the present owner of the rented house.

Palin's neighbor rented to author for revenge
(Newser) – As the Wasilla world turns: It seems Sarah Palin's next-door neighbor purposely rented her home to author Joe McGinniss because she wanted to exact some revenge. She "was renting her house and sought out the author because the Palins had crossed her (owed her money for renovations she had done at their request and never paid her for)," the author's son explains in an email, which Ben Smith shares on his Politico blog.
The American Poet Laureate Robert Frost said that “good fences make good neighbors”.

Jesus said “love thy neighbor”. Speaking of which Sarah religious affiliation on Wikipedia keeps changing. In 2006 she was Protestant, last year she was Pentecostal, now she is “non-denominational Christian”. Jeez, she is all over the board. In all deference to her, her Wikipedia site seems to be changed every fifteen minutes by herself or her tea bagger friends.

I have to wonder what metaphoric 14 feet of fence lie below ground for America’s favorite dysfunctional family, the Palins of Wasilla, Alaska and possibly representing anger, hate, fascist xenophobia, and dirty family Peyton Place secrets.

I know Joe McGinniss doesn’t need the bread and I doubt, as rumors have it, he went through their garbage looking for a used pamper as a piece of useful DNA evidence.

When the numbers $$$ start coming out about McGinniss’ book, I think the local truth of Trig will finally surface and in traditional hillbilly fashion we will all finally know if his brother is his father and we can finally identify the real birth mom.

In the meanwhile Joe, if anybody from the Palin compound bunker shows up with cookies and lemonade as a peace offering – RUN!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tyranny of Chance - opposite of Intelligent Design

Tyranny of Chance is the opposite of the half-assed concept called Intelligent Design.

Tyranny of Chance is my intelligent free will human response to ID.

The universe is either a controlled, managed stage set with scripts as in ID or it is the randomness and tyranny of possibilities.

Life is static or it is fluid. It is all a question of energy.

I am reminded of the story about how Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales, were onto the concept of reincarnation as a matter explaining their rank and good fortune. Like how could so wonderful a dual be blessed with so much wealth and power unless they deserved it from another life and it was just a formality to carry it all from one soul incarnation to another.

Sounds rather intelligent, Eaton, Oxford, and all that from their point of view. Don't you think? You don't think. That's the whole point. You are not Intelligently Designed or that well made on your level and as an offset of that, you are not sanctioned by God to rule over others? Yeah right.

The rest of us get the leftovers in life, this life. We have not tried hard enough to be as good or as lucky or as full of grace as Charles and Diana. Or so it goes.

Am I mixing apples and oranges mixing the odds of being born royal and throwing in ideas like reincarnation and the unfairness in life in general to the majority of us?  Perhaps.

This present top down culture where elites rule in politics or elites invent Intelligent Design to justify their ungodly paychecks and perks is a culture that needs some re-examination on a macro and micro level in this modern age.

Were Charles and Diana destined to have been born into such pomp and luxury or was it merely the tyranny of chance? Only one bum gets to sit on the royal throne so to speak. The rest of us I suppose are shit out of luck - sounds like tyranny to me.

The universe is pure chance. It is also a tyranny of chance by our intelligent evaluation of it. Any intelligence in any equation of the forms and energies of the universe is purely human and not “divine”. The Creator remains the creator and that creation is in motion to any, all and other points in history. Whether the Creator is intelligent, I cannot say, not having ever yet met that entity.

Otherwise, they, Charles and Diana, have had God’s imprimatur stamped in red ink on their shiny white heinies in this and every succeeding lifetime. The rest of us I guess just lose out in such a random equation of such things.

Just a thought.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day - USA - 2010

Memorial Day is a local personal thing.  Local communal picnics follow small Main Street parades that visit memorials to the dead fallen in wars.  We acknowledge too what the living have given in service to their country. 

If our friend above playing Taps is not in full regalia or uniform, it is in the spirit of the day. Sacred rememberance and secular pride and muted celebration in backyard barbeques blends into the change of season into official Summer - reminding all of the cycles of life.

The dead in war are remembered and the we share this day with them in the joyful spirit of living.

Sacrifice for country honored - gone but not forgotten.

Memorial Day - USA - 2009

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ayn Rand's Pagan Religion

Most people in a secular society give lip service to altruism. It, as phrased by Any Rand, is the basis of the current moral standards in the west that fall short of her Objectivism which states that individual selfishness is the right approach to reality.

As in some cases, a visual is more informative.   A picture is worth a thousand words.

Viewing some ancient Ayn Rand interviews on YouTube, I felt that this pagan high priestess of the New American Fascism Free Market Capitalist philosophy does not see the forest for the need to piss on the tree right in front of you.

I can see that the so-called altruism of Christianity has not been fulfilled fully over the centuries. Some progress on a regular basis on the evolutionary scale and toward a better humanity is the implied overall message, reality, of Christianity.

Ayn Rand’s anti-human atheism is being touted more than ever before as America is trying to get its fix on its place in the brave new global reality.

If Fascism is the best way to go mixed with Fox New Fear and Lies agitprop rumors, then chaos is not only here temporarily but the eye of the storm moves back to the permanent violence and chaos of nature - a dark age.

That building a better world and being able to share it is the make or break moment of any civilization and more so now in the evolution of our species at this point in time in global history.

Look at the ash tray above.

Individual pleasure and selfishness says to smoke. Burdening your lung cancer treatment bills on insurance companies or the Government is the real end result of this false fucked up Tea Party philosophy. Total individual independence in the middle of your own forest is a myth long gone from the reality of the American landscape. I doubt that any of these arm chair fascist philosphers espousing Ayn Rand and her wanna be new American State Religion are really going to do the lung cancer treatment thing out of their own pocket.

That is the basic flaw of Ayn Rand – time marches on and a static philosophy must change or adapt to present situations. If you are locked into a never changing religion/philosophy/dogma of selfishness, you are already the ash (the dead past) at the bottom of the ashtray in terms of not trying to any make meaningful contributions to the present and continued future interdependence of humanity.

The filled ashtray of history to date is Objectivism, sad to say. No brave new light to the future there.