Monday, August 28, 2017

Of Statues to Fascism and Ivy League Spy Recruitment in the Cold War

Several things bother me lately. Suddenly more so than lately as well.

ONE is that the corporations and the MSM who gave Trump a free ride to the White House got what they paid for or what they thought was a deadbeat business man who would dance to the American corporate tune.

Problem with that is that Trump is already dancing that Russian dance. The MSM here and there have covered the real #LittleFinger Donald Deadbeat Trump over the decades. But his forays into not only Russia but the Soviet Union as early as some say 1987 seems rather peculiar to me. That Trump is looking for capital in the U.S.S.R. for R/E development sounds a bit unkosher to the ring of it in a traditional way.

Perhaps Soviet Generals and Commissars or KGB operatives needed money laundering in a big way and or the various ethnic mobs operating in the Soviet Union operated not in the open but were tolerated with the right amount of bribe money here and there in the many Soviet Bureaucracies.

My thought looking at it is - when exactly did the KGB recruit Donald Trump and his companies to do their bidding. 1987 or maybe even as early as 1967 in his days at Wharton @Penn.

A Penn recruitment center for spies in the middle of the Vietnam War in the Archetypal center of Capitalist business thought at Wharton (bow your heads). The KGB was never that smart but methodical, good on the long term leg work to get a bad product sold door to door.

Of course that triggers a thought to us of the big Soviet spy thing among the upper crust Brits in the Cold War at its beginning and the secrets of atomic weaponry etc.

TWO is that the media say that Donald transferred from Fordham in NYC to Penn in Philly to take the only R/E course degree available in the I-V and or Ivy League. Has anybody in the corporate media ever checked out that little gem?  And like most lies with a cherry on top, young Donald both attended classes and ran mom's company from Philly or commuting everyday by limousine?

And the Donald's deferments. Were the doctors signing off on his flat feet with little toes Philly and or NYC docs. Did they have legit Doctor's licenses. Did they do favors for frat brothers at Penn where maybe once upon a time they attended school etc. Were they Russian doctors? I remember the MSM being overwhelmed by Trump's present doc wearing Crocs on his feet and telling us that the sky is blue and the Croc Doc certifies the health of a man running for one of the toughest management jobs on the planet.

THREE that I used to live in Philly, grew up there and had to leave because it was a hate filled backwater of ignorance and quite frankly a corrupt fascist state of mind kind of place for little people like me that thought that democracy should be a little bit more liberal with dispensement of Justice to all peoples of that city.

That about the same time that Donald drifted down to Philly and the University of Pennsylvania in 1967, a fascist pig named Frank Rizzo became police chief in prelude to his run for mayor in 1971 and his changing party to Republican in a Democratic enclave in order to vie for the position of VP on the 1972 Nixon ticket. Agnew stayed on the ticket and later was sideswiped from the POTUS job because of his uncovered corruption as Governor of Maryland. How convenient and with what timing.

That and Frank Rizzo was both a racist and gay basher. That he kept records on everybody's bad habits for blackmail and or bribes perhaps and his meteoric rise to power. He kept meticulous records like J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI. And like the rumors that abound around a big homophobe like Hoover and Rizzo, the Philly police have to spend a lot of cop overtime protecting the monument to Rizzo across the street from the second empire style City Hall. Protect the statue from spray paint, eggs, and the occasional dressing up with bra panties and or dress just like J. Edgar. Wink Nod. Even talk of sending it south to South Philadelphia, an Italian enclave left in a very diverse city.

That Rizzo ran a police state as police chief and mayor that any Soviet mayor would envy and operated the kind of place where dirty little secrets could be sold to Soviet spy handlers at Penn with a lot of cold hard cash.

That the media ignore Sheriff Joe Arpaio's police state in Maricopa Country on the nearby border with Mexico all these years and only now pay any attention to him when The Donald and or the KGB have ordered his pardon - a wall separating him from justice. And triggering the memories I have of living in that police state in Philly before moving north to the NYC area some decades ago.


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