Monday, November 11, 2013

Castro Killed JFK? Lee Harvey Oswald and Cubans in New Orleans

Lee Harvey Oswald Handing Out Pro-Castro Literature in New Orleans

Few remember how New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was the only agency of government, local state or national, that took on the evidence of a possible CIA and or Cuban Connection to the JFK Assassination. That New Orleans seems to have been the hub of much of this CIA and Cuban based activity that showed itself in nearby Dallas Texas in November 1963.

No doubt a lot of the conspirators that could, did scatter out of New Orleans in 1967 when DA Garrison arrested local “business man” Clay Shaw.


"Oswald volunteered to kill Kennedy" 

Oscar Marino, a former Cuban secret agent who has broken with Castro, tells the camera that Havana wanted Kennedy dead because "he was an enemy of the Cuban Revolution" -- a sworn and public enemy who had even sent a team of CIA-contracted militants to overthrow Castro in 1961. (That mission failed at the Bay of Pigs.) "Why did we take Oswald?" he says. "There wasn't anyone else. You take what you can get ... Oswald volunteered to kill Kennedy."

The film will air on the German public TV channel ARD on Friday and Huismann says there are currently no plans to distribute it in the United States. But if the sources are reliable, it would be a significant new corroboration of a story that has quietly made the circuit of JFK conspiracy theories ever since his assassination in 1963.

General Alexander Haig, for example, thinks Kennedy's successor, President Lyndon B. Johnson, "was convinced Castro killed Kennedy, and he took it to his grave." Haig served as a military adviser to Johnson and later as President Reagan's Secretary of State. He tells Huismann in the film about memos from 1963 that suggested Johnson's fear of letting the Castro-assassination story get out to the American public. Johnson's attitude, said Haig, was that "we cannot allow the American people to believe that Castro ... had killed Kennedy," because "there would be a right-wing uprising in America which would keep the Democratic Party out of power for two generations."

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I truly believe that Rafael Cruz should be further investigated for his part in the Kennedy assassination!