Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Terry Moran, ABC News - Exclusive – Down Low Interview with Red Hat Justin “Big Frank” Rigali, on the Pope Thingy – I smell an Emmy for Terry (covered in J..)!

Terry Moran ABC News Interviews Red Hat Justin Rigali About the Holely Spirit and his Vote for Sale for Pope

Fresh from his hideout in Knoxville, Terry Moron Moran of ABC SHOES News corners Big Frank Rigali, retired religious crime boss out of Philly, for like an interview thing on the pope thingy. 

Fourth class reporter on the slide interviewing a piece of human shit like Rigali hiding from all his child abuse failures in Philly. (imho)

Roger Ailes, please hire Terry ASAP at Fox News. Please............ Don't let this once great TV "journalist" grovel at the feet of swine!

Rigali’s  journey to Rome began nearly two weeks ago from the small city of Knoxville, Tenn., where he has retired. Amid the faithful of Knoxville, a public prayer service was held in his honor, with 1,000 local Catholic high school students and community members in the pews. 

At the airport he was cheered like a rock star as he headed to his plane.At a layover in Atlanta, I met up with him.

Next stop: Rome.

After arriving, I asked him if he knew yet in his heart and mind whom he would vote for in the conclave.

“This is a very serious election that involved listening,” Rigali said. “It involves weighing different candidates and this cannot be done a priori. It can’t be done before you go in and you decide. You have to be open to the process that is taking place and we believe the Holy Spirit is with us.”

Last week, Rigali joined the other cardinals to say farewell to Pope Benedict XVI, and then they got down to the real work here: Meetings and more meetings, where the politics happen — and in coffee breaks too.

“The coffee breaks are a component,” Rigali said. “It gives us the opportunities to speak with the cardinals, some we know more, some we know less. It gives us the opportunity to exchange our thoughts.”

But this was a different reality today — a deeper reality, they believe. After their oath, after their prayers, the simple command was said: “Extra Omnes,” which means “outside all,” or colloquially, everybody out who is not a cardinal elector.

Please Roger Ailes - Hire Me at Fox News!


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