Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joe the pope, sorry kids, tough luck

Dear Irish Victims:

Sorry you were buggered by your religious superiors.

Tough luck that this is, was an Irish problem.

A little while back it was an American Problem.

It is not a Vatican problem.

Cardinal Brady will not resign.

He is needed to manage the road back from your Irish problem.

Might even become pope (pope material if you know what I mean).

Yours truly,

Joe the ...

Joe the pope, sorry kids, tough luck

Friday, March 19, 2010







The term Cultural Christian means a lot of things these days. Looking through a search of the subject on the Internet, I believe the fundamentalists have out blogged the day and anybody or anything that calls themselves a Cultural Christian is going to Hell with Richard Dawkins, the Brit, famous first for being an Atheist and second for being a scientist.

Anyway I have a fall back plan. Since I have written a lot about my quest for a new definition of God in this emerging Global culture that is increasingly less theistic and more materialistic or even humanistic, a new term for me is in order.

The title shows three terms, two of which already have definitions and are in the lexicon on the language.

Atheist is broken down into A and Theist, meaning without theism or denial of the traditional concept of God.

Agnosticism is broken down into A and Gnostic, meaning without knowledge and implies a doubt about the concept of God. Also means that there is no proof of God as in a modern scientific approach to any theory.

Areligionist is broken down into A and Religionist, meaning without religion. A religionist is one addicted to a need to have a rulebook on the side of the Theist issue.

Since I do not see anything in a dictionary yet, let me add my preferred pronunciation of the word as (ar-e-lig-ion-ist) as opposes the Atheist sounding pronunciation of (A- re-lig-ion-ist) – don’t want to get swept up anymore in the Dawkins heretic burning phenomenon from the right.

Being Areligionist means not believing in any man made rule book about the God thing, the definition of which I am still plotting.

Religionist fanatics like Saul of Tarsus are part of the present failure of Christianity along with the emperor god Constantine’s hijacking of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth to help redecorate his palace, on a coffee table so to speak, in Constantinople. If he really was a Christian, which I doubt, would he not have named the greatest and newest city in his empire Jesusopolis or Christianopolis for his new found god and not for himself?

There are as many rule books and searches for spirituality and or God as there are people on the planet. We no longer have to be stuck with “sacred” writings written in tents or caves or Roman Empire army barracks.

Time for a change in the way humanity approaches the sacred as free individuals instead of as in shackled groups, tribes, clans, packs, as in the past.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Present Burnout of Christianity

The present burnout in Christianity is the result of many factors.

One, the fundamentalists, the literalists have been waiting in high gear for the end of the world for forty years now and two thousand years before that. I can remember before cable TV there was a Saturday night gospel show on a UHF channel called “The King is Coming”. Of course to a raised Catholic, somebody reading the book of revelation, it was an education of sorts. It must have made money because it has had a lot of imitators since.

The fundamentalists are a breed of people in the rural areas and on the sidelines of modern society in the big cities. With television you can transport their isolationist bubble into the minds of people in the cities. This whole hate of success and love of the end of the world scenario is something best left to psychologists. But after forty years, fatigue has set in because the last book of the bible is so vague. God and Jesus are just not cooperating in the end of the world obsession for the losers and the world haters of fundamentalism.

World hating and deferring on important life decisions like climate change are an institutionalized arm of fundamentalism not really found in any bible but don’t try and tell that to any fundamentalist.

So too fatigue for the RCs with their promises of change in Vatican II stalled for four decades over their command to have their morals as part of law of the land in the abortion issue. The abortion issue started when birth control, born of science and a need for it in a crowded polluted age, got stuck in neutral amidst gritty local politics.

While the RC faithful have been waiting for the lifting of celibacy and a golden age in faith, the fat corrupt bishops just keep selling off property one lawsuit at a time. The hierarchy of the RC church worships the golden idol of their own hierarchy and will do so until the last piece of property has been sold.

The mainstream Prots have cash and old buildings but if you look at the British or European version of entitled religious and official and semi-official government status, the Prots have not gone very far on their own since Martin Luther. The RCs may have come up with their own hundreds of pages of boilerplate belief in the Council of Trent, the Prots have their own version of boilerplate faith as well.

The main reason for so many years of study in any seminary is memorization and the PC way to talk about the bible and or God and or Jesus. God and Jesus are merely stage props in the talk the talk and the walk the walk of mainstream religion.

Sad to say, there would appear to be no unified Christian message to the world two thousand years after Jesus.

The smug science and industry successful west has atrophied over the ages. Islam, while not a superior belief system has the energy at the moment. The energy is born of hate and conflict of it bumping up against the godless capitalist west as exemplified in the metaphoric movie Avatar. Which leads to a brief reaction to that movie as a coded message of redemption for the whole human race in this decayed age of materialism and blind adherence to the centuries old boilerplate beliefs of both Christendom and Islam.

If you are half way religious you see a religious theme in Avatar. If you are from the second or third world you see a brutally unfair military that wants to destroy everything not American. Nature is the enemy because it is not certified as an acceptable PC religious experience. If you are a godless capitalist, greed is the important factor. Avatar plays on many levels.

Boilerplate religionists want to waste time on words. It has to quack like a duck and be labeled like a duck before it is a duck. No wonder the old religion is dying if you need a patent from the government before you can begin to have any heart felt communication with the divine through nature or even through yourself.

Which brings me to the future of any religious beliefs. We have come to a strange fork in the road. In the age of the Internet, individual reaction to the split second interface with knowledge, images, political and social concepts flash around the planet faster and more often than heartbeats.

Control of the Internet is coming in it being taxed, fees added, and censored. In the meanwhile new ideas as revolutionary as the 95 Theses or the science of a printing press as it was in it’s day five hundred years ago are occurring all around us in virtual time and presence – even if we are not aware of these milli-second, millimeter paradigm changes into our new global culture.

Global interface consensus is the future eyes, ears, and perception of a future human race. That race has piggybacked over many cultures and many belief systems to this point in time. It would all seem to be part of a creative force in the universe and in compliance with a concept of evolution as a positive force of the Creator.

How the world sees itself and functions for the next five hundred years, the outline of thoughts and protocols are being formed in these early years of the 21st century of a global common era.

Look forward. Be positive. Be creative. Act with love for one’s local and global neighbor. Think. Be wise. Be fruitful.

Let social justice rule and multiply.

Pax – Mundo - Humanitas ! (Peace – Global – Humanity)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Christian Newism

With elements of the Tea Party movement not interested in a moral agenda as opposed to sound fiscal responsibility, the GOP might be on the road to recovery after forty years of phony moral spouting, family value politics. Fundamentalist Christianity may no longer have a strong foothold in the GOP.

With the Vatican imploding over institutionalized criminal child abuse and a total lack of vocations to fill its ranks, where does it go except into the wilderness for another century or two and away from evil modernism and humanity sketched out and framed by Darwin.

The Medieval conservative model that John Paul II pushed for decades has failed. He was wrong. The Spirit was not in sync with his backward looking agenda.

There are voices calling in the wilderness so to speak. There is the New Christianity of Brian McLaren that looks ahead and dates us in a post-modern era of faith.

Postmodernism in architecture is taking us from the glass boxes of a post WWII era to the swirling metal clad buildings of Frank Gehry wrapped around odd shapes and spaces. I have only seen pictures of these structures. Have not been in one yet. The Jury is still out on that one.

There is of course the so called Emergent Church Movement which is trying to move away from the boilerplate theology that worked in the past few centuries and is now dead in the water as far I am concerned. My own minimalism is in some way similar and under the umbrella of such a movement name or description.

The biggest obstacle in a future Christianity is to get people out of their bibles and into the community or being in tune with needs of the community. Social justice should not be a dirty word nor should it be the sole mission on any given church body.

There is a leading voice in this new or future Christianity in Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christian. Of the many voices or methods emerging, McLaren’s approach is often criticized as being light in doctrine and in favor of "generosity" and "conversation."

Someone shared their notes with me who attended a McLaren Seminar last week:
The seminar went well and he is a very good speaker as well as author. Never once ruffled my feathers but I was surrounded by pastors and student wannabe pastors of many stripes..mostly mainline prot's. The question and answer sessions were excellent and he never flinched as some were fairly critical of his post modern outlook. He is out there on the far left and that suits me to a tee. Did a half hour on how the churches/propped up and supported slavery in America using the words in the bible as law instead of the words of love of Jesus.
In other words, the bible while perhaps divinely inspired is a document that does not age well in some areas. It dates itself. The bible is outdated in terms of the concept of slavery in this modern, post-modern world.

The future Christianity needs a new softer approach to the bible as word of God, along side and sharing defintion as a truly human document. The God speaking in a dialogue may be perfect. The listeners, the writers are trapped in the prejudice of their age. Some ideas need to be judged within the context and validity of a timeline.

Rereading some of my notes on this subject and in reference to McLaren, I am impressed more on his content, consistant in the face of opposition. It is his planting of seeds and the long term plan that will win his ideas respect over time.

For myself, the Fall, original sin and hell are irrelevant. With the virgin birth and divinity you cannot throw out the myth with the bath water. In terms of a more united Christian message and other world faiths wanting to read Jesus at least in the context of him as a moral teacher as Jefferson addressed him, that is where the Christian faith will be in a few decades.

With the Vatican imploding, and the irrelevance of worshipping the bible instead of using it as a guide to life for the fundies, the biggest problem is in local pastors able to sit down with the church next door so to speak and be tolerant of gaps in another's faith and different from the old pure boiler plate faith that stood for centuries. The street talk has to change with the times. It is not the middle ages.

A paradigm shift is necessary in local pastors to embrace humanity more openly and more clearly and show respect and get respect in return is a step toward establishing the new global town square of the future. That town square needs a minimun of heart felt faith and or religion to function. Whatever religion is, it has been with us for tens of thousands of years. It is how we use it and not let it use us - is the important part of any balanced social equation.

The state of Christianity going forward into the True Global Town Square of All Nations is one that is managed well and from the bottom up in terms of consensus instead of any hierarchy or understanding set in Roman concrete.

It is a whole new world.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Benedict XVI – failed CEO - Criminal Front Office

What we have in the Vatican in the midst of the European dam burst on sex abuse by RC clergy is American Style Management which in reality these days is American Style Mismanagement. Gross mismanagement.

There is somebody in Germany who comes forth and says he got molested by a priest under Archbishop Ratzinger’s jurisdiction and tenure. After some delay, hemming and hawing, some underling has fallen on his sword for the commander in chief and stated that he made the decision to house this molester away from his parish etc. and then the “priest” went on to molest more children unimpeded for another thirty years.

Joseph Ratzinger is a liar. You don’t get to the Vatican by being a lazy shit in the front office and not know what the underlings are doing in the back office especially when that nothing is criminal conduct of an employee.

Let’s wait for the next abused child turned adult to come forth. I cannot believe this is an isolated incident. It is only one that has come into range of the media.

Joe the Pope will not resign from his criminal activity in the name of Christ. And this is where the RC church must turn on a dime and examine its future role in society if any.

This molesting sideline by a small percentage of its clergy has been swept under the rug for so long, that it is now considered part of the Sacred Tradition of the RC church?

Problem in the past is that this has all been dealt with as a sin to be forgiven and not as a crime, which it is in most countries of the world. That church operates without respect of the nations of the planet. It looks upon itself as a theocracy answerable to nobody. That the recent experiments in the last few centuries in democracy and humanism etc. are attacked under the label “modernism” and modernism is to be shunned.

The Pope and his church have "brought only evil to the world” as said of Islam some years back by this same religious hack.

Vatican Sees Campaign Against the Pope
In Germany, a man whose case has raised questions about the actions of the Munich Archdiocese when Benedict was the archbishop there said Saturday that church officials had told him that the priest who abused him in 1979 would not be allowed to work with children again. Instead, the priest was allowed to resume full duties almost immediately, and went on to abuse more children.

The Vatican also sought to defend the pope against criticism that a Vatican rule requiring secrecy in abuse cases was tantamount to obstruction of justice in civil courts. …

The archdiocese said in a statement on Friday that the priest was moved to Munich in 1980 for therapy with the approval of Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger, the man who later became Pope Benedict. But the priest was soon reassigned to pastoral work by Archbishop Ratzinger’s deputy, Vicar General Gerhard Gruber, and was later convicted of sexually abusing minors. “You see how they just kept moving him around,” Wilfried F. said. “He could keep doing it like before.”

The archdiocese has acknowledged making “serious mistakes” in handling the case. In a statement, the former vicar general took full responsibility for the decision to reinstate the priest to pastoral work.---New York Times By RACHEL DONADIO and NICHOLAS KULISH Published: March 13, 2010
And an article from 2006 to illustrate how this ongoing criminal infestation continues and continues:

Pope 'led cover-up of child abuse by priests'
The Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight.

In 2001, while he was a cardinal, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops all over the world, instructing them to put the Church's interests ahead of child safety.

The document recommended that rather than reporting sexual abuse to the relevant legal authorities, bishops should encourage the victim, witnesses and perpetrator not to talk about it. And, to keep victims quiet, it threatened that if they repeat the allegations they would be excommunicated.
There are good Catholic Christians out there who must endure the burden of this cross from all its corrupt bishops who routinely cover up crimes against children in the interest of protecting their vested interest in that institution.

I pray they have the strength to endure and throw these bums out into the street and into jail where they belong.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Murdock Court Jester Glenn Beck in role of ANTI-CHRIST

FOX entertainment/news now has a quasi-religious preacher in Glenn Beck. He is preaching that Jesus loved the rich and hated the poor so to speak. I am sure that he has proven it on his black board in mesmerizing rhetoric. Beck’s background as half Catholic and half Mormon is no doubt the model of the future American State Religion after the GOP takes the government back for the forces of good – that is - all moneyed interests.

Reverend James Martin S.J. is a funny guy or at least when he plays the role of Robert Colbert’s Chaplain when he appears on Colbert's show. He got more serious last week in addressing an appeal by pope Rupert’s bishop Glenn Beck to turn his entertainment news game show host personality - into focus - and to target human decency and the social justice of the Gospels as dirty profane words and ideas.

Human decency and social justice were issues long before the gospels. Jesus in essence was killed because of these ideas that presented a challenge to the corrupt Temple Hierarchy. Looking at the corrupt hierarchy of the present Vatican administration, one can see the arrogance and a hint of what Jesus was up against in his time.

In our time, social justice and human decency remains the unfinished work of Jesus and is an ongoing work for all people of all creeds on the planet that have a focused and balanced vision of the future goals of humanity for the good of all, not just some.

Glenn Beck to Jesus: Drop Dead
I beg you, look for the words 'social justice' or 'economic justice' on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words. Now, am I advising people to leave their church? Yes… Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's desire to detach social justice from the Gospel is a move to detach care for the poor from the Gospel. But a church without the poor, and a church without a desire for a just social world for all, is not the church… James Martin S.J.
There is a challenge from the Rev. Jim Wallis to debate Glenn on his program regarding his Anti-Christian, Anti-Christ platitudes delivered on behalf of the ruling moneyed classes who fear social justice for the masses.

Evangelical leader takes on Beck for assailing social justice churches
An evangelical leader is calling for a boycott of Glenn Beck's television show and challenging the Fox News personality to a public debate after Beck vilified churches that preach economic and social justice.

The Rev. Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners, a network of progressive Christians, says Beck perverted Jesus' message when he urged Christians last week to leave churches that preach social and economic justice.

Wallis says Beck compared those churches to Communists and Nazis…

"He wants us to leave our churches, but we should leave him," Wallis says of Beck. "When your political philosophy is to consistently favor the rich over the poor, you don't want to hear about economic justice."

Social and economic justice is at the heart of Jesus’ message, Wallis says.
Jerry Falwell Jr., fat off his father’s cash cow church preaching business is in agreement with Anti-Christ Beck who is vying to succeed the great god Limbaugh as high priest of the Pro-Money/Anti-People interests of the establishment – in his new GOP Religion?

Anti-Christ is an obsolete term as far as I am concerned. But when such raw, naked, hatred for humanity in general (evil) is presented on FOX NEWS – it is a major force to be dealt with by all men and women of good conscience for the sake of the future of our republic.

I urge all to not only boycott Beck but the ARK of SATAN as well – which is FOX NEWS.

Glenn Beck is more than mere mental masturbation and entertainment. He is dangerous – potentially harmful to all humanity. He is the current American Anti-Christ.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vatican’s “Omerta” – Criminal Code of Silence

In the wake of child abuse disclosures unfolding across Europe, Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schonborn of Vienna is quoted in writing and makes a link between the RC church’s practice of Celibacy and Pedophilia.

Archbishop links priestly celibacy and Catholic sex abuse scandals
The Archbishop of Vienna today said priestly celibacy could be one of the causes of the sex abuse scandals to hit the Catholic church.

In an article for Thema Kirche, his diocesan magazine, Christoph Schonborn became the most senior figure in the Catholic hierarchy to make the connection between the two and called for an "unflinching examination" of the possible reasons for paedophilia.
Another article by Italian journalist Lucetta Scaraffia in the "semi-official" Vatican’s L'Osservatore Romano newspaper is making comment on the lack of females in the Vatican as a social force to break down the predominately all male culture and the mafia like code of silence surrounding the ongoing and seemingly never ending abuse issue.
Writing in L'Osservatore Romano, Lucetta Scaraffia said women might have helped remove the "veil of secrecy" surrounding the abuse.

(He) used the word "omerta" – the Mafia code of silence – to describe the conspiracy involved in hiding the offences.

"We can hypothesise that a greater female presence, not at a subordinate level, would have been able to rip the veil of masculine secrecy that in the past often covered the denunciation of these misdeeds with silence," she said.

"Women, in fact, both religious and lay, by nature would have been more likely to defend young people in cases of sexual abuse, allowing the church to avoid the grave damage brought by these sinful acts."

Father Bill Breslin and his Cafeteria Dogma

Reading Father Bill Breslin’s Blog, regarding his disposal of children he does not like out of his Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Boulder Colorado, says something to me.

The Heart of the Matter
If a child of gay parents comes to our school, and we teach that gay marriage is against the will of God, then the child will think that we are saying their parents are bad. We don't want to put any child in that tough position - nor do we want to put the parents, or the teachers, at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Why would good parents want their children to learn something they don't believe in? It doesn't make sense. There are so many schools in Boulder that see the meaning of sexuality in an entirely different way than the Catholic Church does. Why not send their child there?
I am reminded of the words of Saint Paul – Romans 13:1-7 – and obeying civil law.
1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.
2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.
3For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you.
4For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.
5Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience.
6This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing.
7Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. (NIV)
I see that Colorado shot down Domestic Partnership by a very slim margin in 2006.

You may not be breaking the law yet in Colorado Father Breslin with your institutional Homophobia. When Colorado does legalize Domestic Partnership and or Gay Marriage, you will have to obey the law as the Apostle Paul compels and does not suggest, or you will have to close your teaching institution if you continue to discriminate.

You all talk about cafeteria Catholics choosing what to believe. I think it matches the Cafeteria Dogmas of clergy these days who will fight tooth and nail to prevent abortion and then shrug their shoulders with total indifference once a child is born.

Something missing in that equation I think. Namely true Humanity aka Christianity.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sede Vacante - Benedict XVI

The Roman Catholic Church has not had a real, human or decent pope since John XXIII.

Sede Vacate. The chair of Peter remains empty.
On and on it goes..Joe's own brother an abuser. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree... Anonymous Comment to my e-mail
The pope is not guilty of his brother's sins. The tsunami of corruption that now is the hallmark of the Catholic past and present will not go away with apologies or insincere attempts to reform this corrupt dysfunctional system of rule.

Pope's brother admits to slapping as abuse reports grow
BERLIN (AP) — The pope's brother said in a newspaper interview published Tuesday that he slapped pupils as punishment after he took over a renowned German boys' choir in the 1960s. He also said he was aware of allegations of physical abuse at an elementary school linked to the choir but did nothing about it.

The Rev. Georg Ratzinger, 86, said he was completely unaware of allegations of sexual abuse at the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choir, part of a string of charges of sex abuse by church employees across Europe in recent days.
It is very sad. The partial admission does not shade the overall genetic corruption and abuse of the system.

I get a sense of panic in the official words. The wagons are circled. Nothing will change. Benedict's pontificate is over. He is a failure figuratively as well as literally.

With the return to a Medieval mentality of present and recent hierarchies, comes the medieval "Pornocracy" - the rule by whores (bishops) of the Church.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Watch the race to the doors out of the temples, and more local scandals, the bishops with their pockets full of cash now deserting a sinking ship. Maybe a few indictments will happen etc. Yeah right.

Sad. Very sad.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Confused Sexuality - Archdiocese of Denver

The DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) said two things. It says that no state had to recognize marriages recognized in other states. It also went on say that the federal government, inside the beltway that is, defines marriage as between a man and a woman. That was 1996 and Clinton signed it because the polls said it was what prevailing opinion was at that time.

There no is DORA (Defense of Religion Act) whereby tax free religions can discriminate against a pre-school aged child from enrollment in Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic school in Boulder Colorado. The child has two lesbian parents.

Last week the school singled out the child and told the parents that the child could not attend the school next year once the sexual disposition of parenting was discovered. No other parents must pass a morality test as to adultery, single parenthood with child out of wedlock etc.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver, a signer of the Manhattan Declaration, proudly enforces this discriminatory policy. Some of us are no doubt more equal in God’s eyes than others.

Groups protest decision not to re-enroll child of lesbians
Gay and lesbian groups are attacking a decision by the archdiocese of Denver, Colorado, not to re-enroll a child in a Catholic school in Boulder, Colorado, next year because the child's parents are lesbians.

The issue centers on the Sacred Heart of Jesus School, where the pre-schooler is currently enrolled.

"The Archdiocese of Denver has acted very unjustly in singling out this child for exclusion," said DignityUSA Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke in a written statement Monday.

"Until every student's parents are tested on Catholic teaching, this action by Catholic officials cannot be understood as anything other than discrimination on the back of a child. At a tender age, this child has learned that Catholic officials are willing to inflict pain on children and families."…

"To allow children in these circumstances to continue in our school would be a cause of confusion for the student in that what they are being taught in school conflicts with what they experience in the home.
I think the key word here is “confusion”. I do not think that a child would be confused by the reality of having two presumably loving parents. The confusion would no doubt come when the child would realize the hypocrisy and Confusion of Sexuality and Confusion of all things Sexual which is the present day hallmark of the Roman Catholic Church.

Sacred Tradition since 1968 and the Confused Encyclical Humanae Vitae about sexuality and birth control sets the tone of these social issues spilling into the public domain to this day.

Morning Joe Scarborough said it best, that these social issues such as abortion and gay marriage are an obsession and have crowded the airwaves and political agendas at the expense of needed real government actions in unemployment, jobs, and economic recovery.

This obsession with sexuality and lack of your privacy is fueled by tax free dollars from all right wing Christian fundamentalists. The Mormons and their millions to pass Prop 8 against gay marriage in California, was to mask widespread, to this day, polygamy in Utah and several other western high Mormon population states.

The Catholics channeling money into hate non-profits with the Mormons and fundamentalists, in conjunction with the Manhattan Declaration covenant (Coven), in this case victimizing children of LGBT parents, masks the ongoing confused sexual identity of the clergy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Creative Hate - Wash DC Catholic Charities

It is a whole new world out there for creative hate. If you got the gold, bucks, non-profit and Madison Avenue Consultant you can do anything in America – including Creative Hate.

The Archdiocese of Washington D.C. is digging in, probably renting Cheney’s old bunker and will now be openly committing indirect “Civil Disobedience” as mandated by their multi-faith document, the Manhattan Declaration.

Washington's new Gay marriage law will not be tolerated by the RC Archdiocese on the feeding end of millions of civil tax dollars for helping the poor and homeless. It's inhouse specific charity program will now openly discriminate against all forms of marriage. Throw the baby out with the bath water. "Charity" does indeed begin at home.

"If I speak with the tongues of angels and men and have not Charity - I am nothing!" - Bishop Wuerl.

One has to wonder if Catholic Charities is self insured or this little brainstorm got cooked up in the a big healthcare insurance company to cut down costs?

Employees of Catholic “Charities” cannot add a spouse if one now marries either heterosexually or homosexually in the District of Columbia.

D.C. is not a state. It is a territory of sorts lost in legal limbo or at least in terms of one man, one vote on the federal level. To add to this old southern plantation territory is the RC church’s new get out of my house hate program toward it’s employees that would dare do what is legal and engage in a civil Gay marriage.

Where does the madness end???

To Avoid Funding Gay Marrieds, Catholic Charities Denies Benefits to All Spouses
Today (March 1, 2010), Catholic Charities President and CEO Edward Orzechowski sent out a memo to staffers informing them of the change to the health care coverage, which will go into effect tomorrow.

In short: If you and your spouse are already enrolled in Catholic Charities health coverage, your spouse will be grandfathered in. Starting tomorrow, however, new employees (or newly married employees, hint hint) will not be allowed to add spouses to the plan. So: Longtime employees will receive the spousal benefits they’ve always had; Catholic Charities will get to keep its pool of covered spouses gay-free; only fresh employees and gays will feel the sting on this one.

Self-Hating Gays in the Vatican?

I have been trying to avoid saying anything about the Vatican or Joe the Pope.

With this recent dam bursting in Netherlands and Deutschland, one has to wonder how they kept the abuse under wraps for so long.

There is also an article about some California local state senator being more or less caught in the act of revealing his secret sexual identity. With a DUI (drunk under the influence) driving charge and eyewitnesses coming out of the woodwork outing him – having seen him frequent gay bars – the cat was out of the bag.

Even with being caught he has now outed himself on the radio and defends his anti-gay voting record as doing what his conservative voting constituency wanted of him.

Ashburn says he's gay, defends vote record

Of course Republican state Senator Ashburn is using the Democratic defense – The Dems of voting for abortion legislation even if one is personally against it - and now with the GOP voting against gays even if gay. Political expediency, pocket book, meal ticket issues. Hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle.

How does the California story fit in with the Vatican? I cannot but help feel that the California senator is or has been a self-hating gay all of his life. I cannot help but feel that most of the clergy in the Vatican are closeted lifelong self-hating gays as well. That to come out means loss of job income, meal ticket and pension. And not to mention loss of a large dose of mutual peer respect.

When you have trained for ten to twelve years to memorize and regurgitate boilerplate religion, what other skills do you have to find another job?

The abuse cases in the Netherlands and Germany are a boil over with enough general press coverage that people are willing to come out of the fear of an abuse situation that existed, was prevalent, and the norm in Catholic institutions for decades.

The institutions, religious orders, in Europe and America that have a large measure in the abuse issue used to have junior seminaries – meaning boys as early as age ten were being trained in the boilerplate Council of Trent Catechism.

While Junior Seminaries are not the norm in Europe and America these days, they are in full swing in South America and Africa. A whole bunch of perhaps closeted self-hating gays are ready to get a work visa and preach and practice in Europe and America where the natives have little or no interest in religion these days.

The reason for a lot of poor, starving, ten year olds to join the RC church's clergy is to get a meal ticket for life. The sex thing is a side issue. Bury that and have your buddies in the Vatican cover up for you too etc.

Rather than being a bunch of self-hating gays, the RC church before it is legally pronounced DOA (Dead on Arrival) – no church buildings or congregations left in Europe or America - the hierarchy better get a handle on modern sexuality and stop looking to Constantine’s fourth century Roman Empire Army Manual as a guide to life here and the here after.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Sky

And now for something completely different as the narrator used to say on Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

I read a lot of comments on the Cif (comment is free) Belief section of the British Newspaper online – Guardian UK. The most successful writer there would appear to be Andrew Brown, editor of Cif Belief. His interests are all over the religious universe but a lot of times it is basically religion touching the realms of science and evolution.

Well anyway, the comments are sometimes more enlightening to me that the article itself. But there was a phrase I kept hearing between the writer and some of the regular commenters and that was “Flying Spaghetti Monster”.

I am no dummy but these days I get tired of looking up all these texting abbreviations – IMHO – etc., so I just assumed or even imagined that FSM was a character on Sesame Street or the like. Fool is me.

I am behind on the curve on this one folks? You already had heard of this new deity and religion? Perhaps the Minister of Silly Walks told you before me.

But lo and behold, Flying Spaghetti Monster is a real deity and the basis of a new religion that challenges Creative Design for equal time in American redneck States' education curriculum.

Flying Spaghetti Monster
The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) is the deity of the parody religion the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism. Created in 2005 by Bobby Henderson, it was originally intended as a satirical protest against the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education to require the teaching of intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in public schools.

In an open letter sent to the Kansas State Board of Education, Henderson parodied the concept of intelligent design by professing belief in a supernatural creator which closely resembles spaghetti and meatballs. Henderson further called for his "Pastafarian" theory of creation to be allotted equal time in science classrooms alongside intelligent design and evolution. He explained that since the intelligent design movement uses ambiguous references to an unspecified "Intelligent Designer", any conceivable entity may fulfill that role, even a Flying Spaghetti Monster.

After Henderson published the letter on his website, it rapidly became an internet phenomenon and a symbol for the case against intelligent design in public schools.
Whatever. Join up if you wish. These days everybody’s got their own religion or obsesssion with pasta and ramen noodles. In all fairness, I did start this out on a quote from Monty Python etc.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jesus and the Womb of God

This is where I get creative and inspired and perhaps even mystical.

Creative is a dirty word in American business. I learned that the hard way. It shows signs of intelligence which is verboten in our present American fascist state of things left undone, half-assed in the political and religious forums now abandoned to MBAs, PhDs, lawyers and hedge fund managers.

I am inpired by my recent postings on the forgotten female half of our civilisation. I use the British/European spelling. There is no civilization left in the American myth. But that is another story. (sorry for the negative aside)

If you look at anything, you can look at it twice and in a totally different light. I like to use the Earp Brothers and the fight at the O.K. Corral in 1881 in Tombstone Arizona as an example of an urban legend being cast into stone. It, the bottom line, was that the Earp brothers were out to make money and blow town. The truth is that they acquired a lot of deeds for land, property and mines.

They wanted to leave but there were bigger crooks than they running the town. Somebody redrew the town map and every lot in town was in dispute and had to be resurveyed. Of course the surveying fee was outrageous and enough to make most people sell out at a discount and leave town. Or you could sue in court.

So while the Earp brothers got entangled in Republican urban politics they crossed paths with the cowboys and rural democratic politics. The demographics have reversed over a century later. While the Earps didn’t mind eating stolen Mexican beef bought off the Cowboys, the Cowboys wanted a little more respect from the Earps while in town. And so it went.

The rest is history or is it? The Urban legend of the good city dweller against the evil cattle rustlers was set in stone by Hollywood. The good guys were the urban crooks and the bad, bad cowboys just drifted away into history.

In dealing with the concept of women in the church or a religious setting, one has to wonder where and how the urban legend of Jesus got set in Stone. At one point Jesus was real and just like the Earp brothers in Tombstone.

Everybody has a story, a direction and a purpose in life. Getting back to Jesus. As I read and read account after account, opinion after opinion, urban legend after urban legend I have strangely come back to some sort of mystical concept of Jesus.

(Here comes the mystical?)

That if the oldest gospel is dated around 70 C.E., then the oral history is being told and few if any living witnesses to Jesus were still around. In a world with a life expectancy of 35 years for the average human beings then and up until the beginning of the twentieth century, then the first and oldest account of Jesus is a third person account of an urban legend.

Let me throw in a little Islamic perspective which says that Jesus did not die on the cross nor was resurrected. That Jesus was assumed into heaven like the legendary prophet Elijah and you have what I mix with the beginning of the Gospel of John.

The beginning of the gospel of John calls Jesus Logos or the word or the reason God comes down to the perception of man.

The gospel of John is much more fluid and poetic in parts than the first three gospels. John is also the start of the Urban legend of the Jews as bad guys and the Jesus posse as the goodie two shoes of that O.K. Corral scenario.

Anyway, I look at the third party account of Mark and realize that if Mark is not a living eyewitness then he is describing Jesus and the perception and assumption of Mark is that Jesus is a man. No. I am not saying that Jesus is a woman. But if a person is writing history later, it is possible that you do not know 100% about who or what your history subject is about.

So if you take the Gnostic concept or poetic license of the Beginning of John 1:1-5 -
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.

Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.
- You can look at Jesus from a different angle, like looking at a work of true art in a museum. I see some perfections and flaws of the artist so to speak.

That in real time, with a real Jesus preaching a real gospel, Jesus was neither male nor female. Jesus the logos, the word, the reason was standing right in front of you not unlike a space alien and you see, hear and perceive what you want to see, hear and perceive. Or what you are capable of perceiving in matters possibly divine.

If you are a male, you see a male. If you are female, you see a female. Jesus and his grouping of followers were both male and female. In God there is no male or female. In Jesus there is no male or no female as well?

It was not until after he dies or disappears from the scene that petty human traits arise. Suddenly is it not possible that Mary Magdalene was an apostle. Suddenly the gospels or Paul’s obsessions and petty male hang-ups become the things put into stone, into words on paper, a translation. The true and original urban legend fades into obscurity.

The miracle of God’s presence among us in the form of a future man, a humanist man, a divine male/female presence in our midst gets lost in translation.

I do not want to get into the logistics or the semantics of the Trinity which is really a stone age version, interpretation not suited to today’s modern scientific urban global person to deal with in a credible pattern or sense.

Without going much too deeply into this theory of mine which is already probably a half a dozen heresies rolled into one, I look at something rather symbolic of things, of teachings and urban myths and man and his engineering.

I look at the Hagia Sophia, or Santa Sophia, the primary center of Christianity for a thousand years. While this building, this church and the Eastern Rome flourished for a thousand years, they probably were herding domestic animals into the decrepit old Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome in the winter time for shelter throughout the dark western ages while this magnificent building was the one true Church to the civilized worlds in the east. Here too Islam had one of its grandest buildings for close to five hundred years.

Hagia Sophia is related to the word logos or word or reason or touching the purpose of man in response to God and his prophets to the human race. Hagia Sophia is holy or sacred wisdom. The eastern Roman empire would have seemed to have been more attuned into a feminine sense of wisdom, or understanding, and coming from God. This as opposed to the western male view coming to us to the modern day.

The western church is scared shitless of the feminine and the womb - it is where we all came from - figuratively and literally.

When I look at the image above, (click for a larger image), I see wisdom written in stone, in concrete, in mosaics and the “Allah is Great” Quran plagues. I see mankind reaching out to the universe before science or man had a clue or sense about what the universe truly is.

Click on the image above of the Hagia Sophia. It was the center of Christian faith, the premier center for a thousand years. It was a major center of Islam, its grandest mosque, for close to five hundred years. It is the most sacred spot on planet earth to all faiths of the one God concept.

Sacred wisdom, sacred knowledge, the word, the reason, the logos – no matter how you translate it – here is the spot where heaven touched earth directly for fifteen hundred years.

Look at the enlarged image. What do you see? Is it a museum? Is it a basilica, a church? Is it a mosque?

Look deeper. What humankind has left here for all generations to see is the myth of God, the myth of the Prophets like Jesus among others. I would see a cave if I were a caveman.

I see a womb, perhaps the womb of God. I see great mystery. And then I am transported back to reality and it is just a building.

The perception of man toward - God, Jesus, Science, Art are all in their own way part of a formula, a plan, a logos, a reason, a whisper from above and a meaning for all things.

The purpose of life is a mystery. To an artist, life is poetry.

Pope Joan I - First Woman Pope

I love myth and legends. It would appear that there are more references in the Vatican archives to Popes ordering the removal of all references to a female pope than there is any chance of seeing the destroyed documentation – not unlike the gospels and the stuff conveniently lost through the centuries. There is no hard core proof of Pope Joan I, circa 875 C.E., like there is no hard core, saved from the beginning, proof for the existence of Jesus.

The legend is a street fact. In fact there is a street next to the Coliseum that no papal motorcade is allowed to venture down. It is avoided and has been avoided for a thousand years by all popes and all official church processions. It is the street where Pope Joan I gave birth in procession and surrendered her sexual identity as the legitimately elected Bishop of Rome.

It is ashamed that in the dumbing down of America through the eight year lobotomy under Bush Cheney and with corporations controlling the newspapers, media and the movie theatres, few got to see this recent German movie about the life of Pope Joan.

(once you click start, click on screen to expand image)

Food for thought.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Does Christianity Hate Women?

Somewhere along the timeline on this blog I stated something like I was looking for a new definition of God.

In a way God is not obsolete but our many perceptions of him, her, it is obsolete. My dilemma has to find comfort in being a Humanist and follower of the basic Jesus ideas without the bullshit and trimmings added layer upon layer over the centuries. I try to follow “the Way” of early spiritual travelers inspired by Jesus. The Christian word had yet to be invented.

I distain the word Christian right now. There seems to be more negative attached to it over the centuries than anything balanced in the good. This is an observation and a matter for debate. There is no definite scientific measure of a question like this yet.

I do not think that the word Christian has any value. The way it is thrown around and abused in cash politics by the tax free church parties is just a tip of an iceberg of disgust for this ancient and extinct religious classification.

I started with the title and question - does Christianity hate women? I think it is a valid question to ask. Most women don’t bother to ask the question in as severe a manner as I have framed it. I am encouraged that there are legitimately ordained Catholic Women Priests out there who only have the trolls in the Vatican to deny their legitimacy.

I have spoken for the equal rights amendment. I think that women, many women have taken on the role of self-hating women. The term "self-hating" I have heard to describe Jews who are in agreement with aspects of anti-Semitism. That it would take many generations and an Equal Rights Amendment to unto centuries of damage to the female ego from society and religion.

Do self-hating women exist? Yes. And Christianity and Judaism and Islam contribute to a negative view of the potential role of women in society. Basically a good woman in the monotheistic world just shuts up, has babies, and tends house. Nothing wrong with that role if freely chosen.

But there is a potential view that a large percentage of women are capable to sustaining a role outside the tradition stay at home model. In this God forsaken economy, women are being pushed economically to the wall like everybody else and more so in a single parent household.

I ran into this article about how it is a woman’s fault for getting raped based on her clothing.

Blame the victim: Religious leaflet claims ‘ungodly’ dressed women provoke rape
“You may have been given this leaflet because of the way you are dressed,” it begins.

“Have you thought about standing before the true and living God to be judged?”

It continues with one essential theme: The sins of men are, in part, the fault of women, specifically women in tight-fitting clothing. Yates was annoyed. Then she got to a section on page two:

“Scripture tells us that when a man looks on a woman to lust for her he has already committed adultery in his heart. If you are dressed in a way that tempts a men to do this secret (or not so secret) sin, you are a participant in the sin,” the leaflet states. “By the way, some rape victims would not have been raped if they had dressed properly. So can we really say they were innocent victims?”

The hand-out is signed “anonymous.”
It is amazing how sexual bigotry can be spread around on anonymous Xeroxed propaganda sheets and quoting “Scripture”.

I ran into that article above by chance. I also ran into the above image of sculpture entitled “Christa” by British artist Edwina Sandys. It caused a bit of a stir when it was first exhibited in the liberal Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC back in the early eighties. It now is in the Feminist’s Art Section of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

I am not suggesting that Jesus was a woman. But what if the anointed one of God and the savior as sometimes described turned out to be a woman. Or that God was more than half female in nature in direct opposition to the all male patriarchal monotheistic religions. Or that God to balance the whole thing out sends back the Logos as a woman. Just a thought.

If decency is to survive in the new global world of tomorrow, so much baggage, bigotry and self hating has to go out the door with the past. A fresh and open way of looking at all things will make all things possible within a new outlook and a new definition for God and humankind’s relationship with that new reality of the future.

Doing God's Work - I Am Not a Christian

I do not know if the chairman of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, ever gets time to pray. Time is money. He and his cadre are obsessed with money. He has coined the phrase of this new age of unchecked greed and inhumanity in that he is just “doing God’s work” atop his skyscraper with his metaphorically speaking 100 million dollar salary and 100 million dollar bonus. The "Age of Chronic Luxury" lives on for some in these hard times.

So I guess that kind of “God is in Control” rhetoric that Governor Pawlenty coined at the recent Tea Bagger convention no doubt mirrors sentiments of the “God put me on this Pedestal y'all” crowd on the blinding white far right fundamentalist side of the aisle.

You know I am not a Christian. I am only a cultural Christian because I am too lazy to shop around for a new name brand. I am quite inferior to Christians like Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky, a Roman Catholic who runs a charity scam selling his autographed baseballs out of the trunk of his limo.

I am quite inferior also to a Presbyterian like Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona who thinks that in the middle of a Depression with no jobs, it is somehow a sin to collect unemployment. You would think that the lousy stinking 240 dollars a week maximum the territory/state of Arizona doles out to unemployed "lazy" welfare cheats would somehow match all the tax cheats Kyl has represented as a lawyer and senator all his so called working life. You would think he would have heard about - don’t ask, don’t tell – regarding personal greed.

Thank God I am not a Christian such as they. I only believe in love for humanity, as a Humanist, like that other loser, Jesus of Nazareth. Though I am in no way in his true league of matters.

I along with millions of others look forward to Jim and Jon’s upcoming retirement from politics. Good riddens to bad Christian trash. They give the Christ thing usually attached to the Jesus brand a very bad name.

The first birds of Spring are chirping outside my window this morning and all the damned to hell Country Club Christians cannot ruin my day. God, the real God is in the air here.

I do not hate humanity and I am enjoying the sound of nature outside of my urban dwelling. I too Lloyd am just “doing God’s work” in my own humble unpaid way.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All Miscarriages in Utah to be Illegal

All miscarriages in Utah will now be treated as a possible criminal offense with cops now acting as OB/GYN specialists in determining if the rich wife at the country club or the poor female tramp’s miscarriage was the intentional murder of her unborn fetus.

The country club bitch will get off. The poor bitch will surely go to jail. In a country where fundamentalist Christians openly hate women more and more, this is where the state of the union is without an Equal Rights Amendment to keep government out of the bedrooms of America. Religious freedom to snoop, spy, punish the unrighteous through our “God is in Control” laws!

March 8th and any miscarriage in Utah will potentially be a criminal investigation according to a new law awaiting the Governor’s signature, veto and no-action which lets it become law.

People in Utah want to make certain that you did not intentionally illegally abort a fetus, murder a fetus, when you miscarry and do not go to term. Turn an emotional nightmare such a miscarriage into a magnified emotional nightmare thanks to the Christian Inquisition against all Women. God bless us or at least those of us lucky enough to have been born with penises – amen.

This is a way of further trapping a women in her pregnancy with no way out. Abortions are still legal in Utah but a women living with a violent boyfriend or husband, gets beaten up and miscarries can be charged with murder because she would have knowingly exposed the fetus to potential harm by continuing in that relationship etc. Catch 22.

The law started last year when a 17 year old girl, 7 months pregnant, paid somebody to beat her in the hopes of miscarrying. Sad situation. The girl could not be charged because of loopholes in the laws that she was charged with breaking. So now every woman, who has a miscarriage will be investigated to the full measure of the law. God willing they will have wear a scarlet "M" on their clothing - "Miscarried".

Will one criminal investigation of suspected miscarriage and its records be on file forever, online like in Oklahoma etc.? You got pervs spying on kids on laptops in Pennsylvania. Can Google spy satelites point out miscarried women's houses on the map lest we tread near and be contaminated by association by the suspected unproven murderer who got off on a technicality - the miscarriage was just a natural miscarriage, yeah right, etc. How many miscarried witches can we burn in Temple Square this week???

Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage
Paltrow says this bill puts a lie to the idea that the pro-life movement cares about women.

"For all these years the anti-choice movement has said ‘we want to outlaw abortion, not put women in jail, but what this law says is ‘no, we really want to put women in jail.'"
The New York Times, America’s secular atheist newspaper, takes a different tone, seems to think that Utah’s law is just like a lot of other states’ laws trying to put a women’s vagina in a cage or it is put people with vaginas into a cage. Are we certain that Fascist Murdock is not a secret shareholder at the NYT these days?

Utah Bill Would Criminalize Illegal Abortions
For example, if a pregnant woman gets into a vehicle, goes on a wild ride way over the speed limit without wearing a seatbelt and crashes and the fetus is killed, is she a reckless driver? Or is she a reckless mother-to-be who criminally ignored the safety of her fetus?

Under the bill, a woman guilty of criminal homicide of her fetus could be punished by up to life in prison.

“So many things can happen, and it’s all in the eye of the beholder — that’s what’s very dangerous about this legislation,” said Marina Lowe, the legislative and policy counsel to the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah which has urged Mr. Herbert to veto the bill.

Some women’s advocacy groups say the bill simply codifies what many states are already doing, using existing laws about the unborn to prosecute apparently errant mothers.
If the burden of proof falls hard on all women by the white male fundamentalist right, just to weed out a few mean women, then why bother to get pregnant in the USA. Just adopt or get a poodle.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Justice Delayed in Canada with Bishop Lahey

Boy! Do they want to forget about this loser Bishop Lahey and his computer full of kiddie porn!

It was amazing how when this story broke how the American Catholic Blogosphere treated Canada as if it was located not in North America but somewhere near Macau. I know Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are a bit off the beaten path but they did not fall off the side of the flat earth lately and land next to Hong Kong.

Oh well, the trial is set to begin April 26, 2011 – YES! – 2011. A very hot RC Catholic potato that nobody with a career or pension to protect wants to touch.

Justice delayed in Canada is justice denied.

Lahey trial delayed until 2011
OTTAWA - Bishop Raymond Lahey's trial on charges of possessing and importing child pornography has been set for the spring of 2011.

The trial will begin April 26, 2011 and run until May 6, Assistant Crown Attorney David Elhadad said in an interview.

The former bishop of Antigonish, N.S., is not expected to appear in an Ottawa court until his trial starts in more than a year's time.
(I predict here and now that the fix is in. The evidence will get conveniently lost, or corrupted while in storage, in the interim and the good name of Bishop Lahey will be restored in the halls of sweetness and light and purity at the Vatican.)

Mormons in Secret Merger Talks with Catholics

An internal coup has happened in Temple Sqaure since its temporary approval of gays rights within Salt Lake City limits? Remorse. Regress. Stop the madness!

I guess the magic, Black magic? of re-baptizing all my dead Catholic relatives has brought the Vatican round to recognize the one true magical kingdom in Utah.

For a second there, I thought I saw the word merger between these great noble institutions in America. Their “shared moral principals” are no doubt the basis of secret ongoing merger talks. I doubt that it will ever be an outright merger. But I can see Joseph Smith, Prophet and occasional horse thief, being raised to RC sainthood or even Church Father status based on his forged and plagiarized writings.

Thank the white Caucasian God that Solomon Spaulding is long dead. Though I am still in hopes of another Mark David Chapman document to surface saying that Joe Smith on his death bed converted to the one true church via the Jesuits. That would reassure me.

I did not see this in any American MSM, talks being secret you know. I first saw it in the Guardian UK, which because of Britain’s diversity these days and quasi-official Church of England thing, that paper has an excellent daily religion section. I am not certain how the secular atheist New York Times handles religion. It may be in the Arts section with the recipes.

Well anyway, if this is a PR handout, then the American papers did not want to touch a tired old religion story of two dying, declining Old Testament like entities, the Church of LDS and the RC Church America INC.

Searching around I found this breaking story on the Catholic Blogosphere and Utah Newspapers dreaming of glory days past and ahead in current joint efforts with the RC hierarchy.

Merger talks are good. A shrinking believer base makes it necessary. Shared corporate expenses. Shared Hate Non-Profit organizations to push gay-bashing and more restrictions on women’s right to choose.

Mormons, Catholics must defend religious freedom, Cardinal says
PROVO, Utah -- The fight to defend moral principles is linking Mormons and Catholics like never before.

"In recent years, Catholics and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have stood more frequently side by side in the public square to defend human life and dignity," Francis Cardinal George told nearly 12,000 students, faculty and community members gathered Tuesday at BYU.

"I'm personally grateful that after 180 years of living mostly apart from one another, Catholics and Latter-day Saints have begun to see each other as trustworthy partners in defense of shared moral principles."
Mormons and Catholics join forces
Last Tuesday, in a speech called Catholics and Latter-day Saints: partners in the defence of religious freedom, he told an audience that Catholics and Mormons must stand together as a "vital bulwark" against those who wanted to "reduce religion to a purely private reality".
“Trustworthy partners in defense of moral principles” – I heard (a rumor) all the U.S. Bishops have been down to Mississippi and had sex therapy along side Tiger. I am reassured. We would not want to have to share females in all those group marriages in Utah with the paps, would we? Though if you think about it, with polygamy, there are plenty numbers potential in the possible altar boy/future priest category.

“Reduce religion to a purely private reality” – well hell yeah, who wants the Mormons or the RC Catholic bullshit on the public platter. I thought religion was supposed to be private.

If “defense of religious freedom” are the new code words for “forced religion” in the public square – fuck it!.

I am glad that Studebaker and Packard are in secret merger talks. The Mormons and Catholics together really represent the future. Yeah right.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah Palin’s New TV Comedy – Victim Mom

I have finally come to the end of my esoteric study of the recent American phenomenon called Sarah Palin. It takes no genius to see that women on the right are starved for a viable image of what is allowed for success for females in this country and at that end of the spectrum.

If you want something a little less perfect than June Cleaver in the 50’s comedy show “Leave It to Beaver” and want that small town PTA president, part time small village mayor, and half governor of the least populated territory/state, then Sarah is your girl. You can use that term “Girl”. No PC problems on the right with calling a spade a spade either. Whatever.

She is not an enigma, she is just a long list of things women do in one income household’s in the heartland. She is “rural, female, military mom, special-needs mom, etc.” Nothing wrong with that. It is how the MSM has handled or mishandled this that has kept an artificial flame of novel celebrity alive long past its expiration date of fifteen minutes.

There are more important issues to be studied and written about. But why do that when you can meet a writing deadline with another “Sarah Palin” story. Just damn laziness and not Journalism. (Me? I am off the hook on that one. I am no journalist.)

Now that she is a walking talking Barbie doll for crackpot right wingnuts, maybe she should try acting. She doesn’t act now? No. She is the real thing.

Sarah should take a cue from her daughter Bristol soon to play herself, a teenage single mom, in an ABC program The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Sarah I envision could master comedy with the right limited number of one and two syllable sound bites in the script. She is accused of not having a sense of humor by some. She of course would have to be a crazy scattered brained “Lucy” type, an American Standard.

I think the ideal name for all the roles women have in today’s society but get little of the way of recognition, appreciation or equal pay for – the ideal name of Sarah’s show could be “Victim Mom”. That’s the way she selectively reacts to anything said about herself or her trophy family.

An Outrage Smackdown: Family Guy Defeats Palin
Palin is a master practitioner of identity politics, with an ironic twist. When it comes to social issues or the academic canon or civil-rights legislation, it used to be conservatives who would chafe at liberals playing race, gender or other such oppressed-group cards. With Palin, though, conservatives have a champion who uses group identity — rural, female, military mom, special-needs mom, etc. — as her seal of authenticity.
The above is an excellent rehashing of the same old Sarah story told about ten thousand times already in the press and media and being devoured in the forgotten heartland around the kitchen table.

Sarah is a niche product. A niche product which has a limited shelf life. The novelty wears down.

Palin, self appointed high priestess of Democratic political correctness, demanded an apology from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as being quoted for the word "retard" in a memo describing some democrats. She then turned around and licked Rush Limbaugh's boots for his use of "retard" as some previously uncategorized form of poet license.

Sarah started to scold the TV cartoon comedy “Family Guy” for the use of Down Syndrome as part of a dating situation and as a side joke referring indirectly to Sarah and not her child. The context and sarcasm of the line and the punchline requires some timing and some wit in a show famous for such. Something no doubt missing in Alaska.

Thank God for
“a smackdown, from Andrea Fay Friedman, a Family Guy voice actress — who actually has Down (Syndrome). "My parents raised me to have a sense of humor," she said. "My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes." Ouch...
For a while there Palin was becoming Minister of Good Taste on every thing said in America.

My proposal of a new Urban Dictionary term and definition as approved by our self appointed Minister of Mayhem Sarah Palin.
Retard – a satirical term reserved exclusively for Rush Limbaugh.
Enjoy your fifteen plus minutes Palin family, it all sags in the end like Levi Johnston’s Playgirl gluteus maximus and then its back to shooting deer with or without a gov’ment permit.


politica cagna in Vaticano

No doubt revenge is too harsh a word, but invariably a true word, for members of the Vatican “Gonne” Party who have waited a bit to stab Archbishop “Rino” Fisichella in the back one year after making human statements about the abominable Church reaction to a child’s rape and forced pregnancy and abortion in Brazil last year.

Fisichella’s public defense was for excommunicated en masse doctors and nurses performing a late term Abortion last year in Brazil for the sake of saving a nine year old rape victim in danger of losing her life if forced to carry the pregnancy to term.

Vatican official refuses to resign in abortion flap
The Vatican's top bioethics official has dismissed calls for his resignation following an uproar over his defense of doctors who aborted the twin fetuses of a 9-year-old child who was raped by her stepfather, the Associated Press reports.

Monsignor Renato Fisichella told the AP on Monday that he refused to respond to five members of the Vatican's Pontifical Academy for Life who questioned his suitability to lead the institution.

Fisichella wrote an article in the Vatican's newspaper in March saying the Brazilian doctors didn't deserve excommunication as mandated by church law because they were saving the girl's life. The call for mercy sparked heated criticism from some academy members who said it implied the Vatican was opening up to so-called "therapeutic abortion" to save the mother's life.

To quiet their complaints, the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a clarification in July, repeating the Catholic Church's firm opposition to abortion and saying Fisichella's words had been "manipulated and exploited."
What I see in the press is that the abortion was of two fetuses in favor of saving a mere female child in favor of – I haven’t yet read of any sex tests on the fetuses. But no doubt two potentially healthy, valid male children were aborted in favor of saving this worthless uneducated female creature.

Fisichella’s remarks last year were not humanist but honest and human.

The insane “third sex” or fourth sex types or whatever they are, they are not human, running the “male” only Vatican apparently still approve of Rape over Abortion in the case of rape or to save a women’s life, any day of the week.

Our sympathies to a true human being Rino Fisichella over the women hating skirts running the Vatican.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Privacy - Spirituality - Tiger - Oprah

Here goes my connect the dots sort of thing. With things in the news.

I ran into the following Christian Science Monitor article that was commenting on Tiger Wood’s brief vacation from the shadows to make a public apology of sorts for his public and private life. No specifics and no questions. Tiger is still clinging tight to his privacy. In fact probably only the extreme rich, such as someone as Tiger, can even dream of privacy in that old fashioned sense of it these days.

Beyond Buddhism, Tiger Woods has converted to another religion
It is true that we witnessed the conversion of Tiger Woods last Friday, but it was no voluntary conversion to an old religion. Rather, this was a forced conversion to the new Oprahite religion of emotional openness and making public one’s miseries and failings.
The article implies that Tiger’s short edited appearance on Friday was a conversion of sorts to the new global Oprah Sofa Religion of confessing everything in public for the sake of ratings and the new standards of 24/7 Media demands. Only after public confession in America can someone start all over again. Tiger until this point on Friday was a heretic of sorts to this new Oprah Media Religion. I invite you to read the article in its’ well thought out opinions regarding this matter.

Has Tiger now lost the spirituality of his Buddhism, his privacy of sorts, in embracing the Oprah Corporate Religion or Media Methodology even for a brief time?

Regarding Privacy in America at least, there was the filing of a federal group action law suit against contrived spying against children in the Privacy of their homes – in the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania. There it is, that Privacy thing, floating around the air.

Prosecutors, FBI join school laptop spying probe

Seems that a young man using one of the school's laptop computers at home was eating cinnamon Mike & Ikes. The secret webcam/spycam on the computer snapped a picture and the student was accused of “improper behavior” in his own home by school authorities. No doubt the perv watching children at home thought that his “reds” of the sixties and seventies were also being taken by this child. Semantics at this point whether drugs or candy were on board here.

The young man’s sister at the same school realized that she used her school computer in the bathroom to listen to music while taking a shower everyday. The thought creeped her out. She obviously still has an old fashioned sense of the obsolete concept of privacy in this new Global Big Brother Age. Word spread to other children in the school to beware. The sister has not yet been accused of “improper behavior” in her home at school yet.

The school claims, lamely, that the secret webcam was a security device to locate lost or stolen laptops. Haven’t lame brains ever heard of Lojack, global positioning locked into an automobile or laptop to locate a stolen object?

The real bottom line in all this is that these spying on children laptops probably came of one of the last Bush/Cheney budgets.

And lastly to more boring modern scientific stats. An article about how a higher percentage of young people 18 to 29, seek spirituality rather than organized religion.

Spirit Quest
She told me that she had gone from religious to nonbeliever, and then to spiritual...

Many young adults seem to be moving away from organized religion while simultaneously trying desperately to connect with their spirituality.

In fact, two recently released reports seem to buttress this observation.
My point in connecting these dots - centers around the words Privacy and Spirituality.

The corporate state, the new Corporatocracy, since it leaves humanity out of most of its bottom line equations, now directly or indirectly must dismantle privacy, an entitlement of the obsolete human factor.

Spirituality is no doubt a private thing. I have to think of the early Christians who lived in the Roman Fascist State and how only the spirituality within, in search of a divine connection to a divine spark, was something the Fascist Corportocracy of the Roman Empire could not touch or ever conquer.